PWA 2007 task updates page gets stuck with IE instable or no update listed / blank page displayed

dear Experts,
i have a PM with a big problem, his PWA 2007 task updates page gets stuck, the windows section become instable (frozen) and after minutes IE displays no items, no update. indeed there are +120 tasks to approve.
i tried the procedure for cleaning IE (reset ocx, enable activeX etc) but no luck. I have the same problem if logged on a PM's pc that his task updates works luck again.
task updates fails also from Project professional. server logs are ok, no queued job in pwa. any suggestion? pleaseee help. thanks.

(server w2k3 SP2 - project server 2007 SP2 - project prof 2007 wSP2)

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ITDataCenterConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
already tried. in the meantime i've probably found the source of problem:
It appears that a resource reported time to a summary task. The summary task was created by the resource and time was reported to the task. here the resolution step found in a KB
Delete the task from the project  plan and the "accept time page" should be load correctly.
till now was quite impossible found who did it, few days ago the PM found the resource that reportd wrongly the time to the summury task, now they are fixing. the cleaning is taking a lot of time and effort, i'll keep u posted.thx
What Internet Explorer browser are you using?  7, 8 , 9?  32/64 bit?

Might also include, what version of office and Windows OS is the PM using?  64 bit for both?
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ITDataCenterAuthor Commented:
he uses XP SP3 32bit IE 7 and XP SP3 64bit IE7 64bit.
however, i tried the PWA and Prj professional from different pc logged with his credentials..same problem :(  i'm quite sure is something dirty on this tasks, but no idea what to check
I thought it might be a roaming profile that may cause this issue or 64bit issue.  Does he have office 2007 installed?  Have you tried running a repair on the Office and see if this fix your issue?
ITDataCenterAuthor Commented:
it solved the problem
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