.Dat file to DataGridView1 VB.net

Hello all

I'm working on a project where i need to import a .dat file into a DataGridView1 VB.Net.

Since there is no column in a .dat file, just text, and that in a DataGridView, there's columns, i need to import the .dat file, all separated in diffrent column based on  specific criterias.

The dat file row will always start with the letter "H" or the letter "D".

To be more specific, the first row will start with "H" and the next row, will start with "D"

Here are the criteria based on the .dat file in attachement:

'Row starting with the letter H

The 1stLetter "H' only must go in the first grid column.

The 2nd letter, "M" must go alone in grid column 2.

The 3rd digit "1" will go in column 3.

After, it will jump to the the field 15 of the .dat file to field 27. What's between field 15 to 26 will go in Grid column 4 (Trim). In that example from the flat file, i will have the text:REG_ROSS

In Field 27 only "5" will go in Grid column 5.  etc...

For Row starting with letter D

The 1stLetter "D' only must go in the first grid column.

The 2nd letter, "M" must go alone in grid column 2.

The 3rd digit "1" will go in column 3. etc.....

If i'm able to start with these cople of example, i will be able to continu with the rest of all the fields in the .dat file.

I need to TRIM the data, not to have empty spaces at the begining and after the text, transferes in the grid.

How can i do this, using the OpenFileDialog1 to select my .dat file i need to import?

Thanks again for your help.

*** For the .dat file, i was not able to attache it. So i have have changed it to a .doc. Just remove the .doc to the file name and it will transfer into a .dat file

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bitrefConnect With a Mentor Commented:

StreamReader is a class that can be used to read a stream of characters from a text file.
You may read the File using StreamReader and fill its contents in a DataTable object. After filling the DataTable, use it as the DataSource for the DataGridView.
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Hello bitref

What is a StreamReader?

Is that a function in VB.Net?

I will google it also.

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Wilder1626Author Commented:
ok, i will read that and i will let you know.

This is new for me.

Wilder1626 made any progress on this yet?
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Actually, since I'm new in VB.net, i'm in lots of reading about this.

For now, i don't know how to use this to be able to populate my grid.
OK. Goodluck!
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Thanks for the link.

Now it work.
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