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Convert Int64 to Int32 (Integer) ?

Posted on 2011-09-25
Last Modified: 2016-09-29
Is it possible to convert int64 to in32 in delphi ?
Question by:rotem156
LVL 37

Assisted Solution

by:Geert Gruwez
Geert Gruwez earned 250 total points
ID: 36707476
calculate the percentage of the completion ... a lot easier for the progressbar
you only get numbers from 0 to 100
LVL 25

Accepted Solution

epasquier earned 250 total points
ID: 36707917
first, use 1Gb parts, it will be a lot easier.

procedure Split1GoParts(TotalSize:Int64;Var NbFullParts,LastIncompletePartSize:Integer):
 NbFullParts:=TotalSize SHR 30;
 LastIncompletePartSize:=TotalSize And $3FFFFFFF;

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then,in your thread Create, instead of using an EndOffset, use a Part Size to download (Integer).
You'll end up with a much cleaner thread code and an easier way to create those threads (only ONE int64 value is needed, the offset):
Somewhere in your code you'll have to use what Split1GoParts returns :

PartSize:=1 SHL 30;
for i:=0 to NbFullParts-1 do
 CreateThread ( alabel[I], apbar[I], hOpenFile[I], hInetFile[I], i*PartSize, PartSize);

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Where CreateThread function is of course something that creates the thread and add it to your manager.
TFetchDataThread = class(TThread)
    FStartOffset    : Int64;
    FPartSize       : Integer;
    FInetFile       : HINTERNET;
    FDestFile       : THandle;
    FProgressBar    : TProgressBar;
    FLabelProgress  : TLabel;
    FLoadedSize     : Integer;
    procedure ProgressGui;
    procedure Execute; override;
    constructor Create(
    LabelProgress : TLabel;
    Progress      : TProgressBar;
    DestFile      : THandle;
    InetFile      : HINTERNET;
    StartOffset  : Int64;
    PartSize    : Integer);
    destructor Destroy;

constructor TFetchDataThread.Create(
LabelProgress: TLabel;
Progress     : TProgressBar;
DestFile     : THandle;
InetFile     : HINTERNET;
StartOffset  : Int64;
PartSize    : Integer);
  FStartOffset    := StartOffset;
  FPartSize       := PartSize;
//  FEndOffset      := EndOffset;
  FInetFile       := InetFile;
  FDestFile       := DestFile;
  FProgressBar    := Progress;
  FLabelProgress  := LabelProgress;
  inherited Create( {DAPClass.UpdateProgressBar,} False );

procedure TFetchDataThread.ProgressGui;
  FProgressBar.Value := FLoadedSize;
  FProgressBar.Repaint; // Avoid gui problems
  FLabelProgress.Text :=
  Format( 'Thread: %d, Start Offset: %d (%x h), Loaded %d / %d (%f %%)',
   [ThreadID, FStartOffset, FStartOffset, FLoadedSize, FPartSize, 100*FLoadedSize/FPartSize ] );

procedure TFetchDataThread.Execute;
  TypeByteArray = array [1..1024*2] of Byte;
  Buffer            : TypeByteArray;
 FreeOnTerminate := True;
 FProgressBar.Min :=  0;
 FProgressBar.Max :=  FPartSize;
 InternetSetFilePointer( FInetFile, FStartOffset, nil, FILE_BEGIN, 0 );
 SetFilePointer( FDestFile, FStartOffset, nil, FILE_BEGIN );
   BytesToReadWrite := FPartSize - FLoadedSize;
   if BytesToReadWrite > SizeOf( Buffer ) 
     Then BytesToReadWrite  := SizeOf( Buffer )

   InternetReadFile( FInetFile, @Buffer, BytesToReadWrite, BufferLen );

   LockFile( FDestFile, FStartOffset, 0, BytesToReadWrite, 0 );
   WriteFile( FDestFile, Buffer, BytesToReadWrite, BytesWritten, nil );
   UnlockFile( FDestFile, FStartOffset, 0, BytesToReadWrite, 0 );
   Synchronize( ProgressGui );

// Why reducing CPU in the download thread ? it will just slow down everything.
//    Sleep( Random( 15 ) ); // Avoid cpu usage
  until (FLoadedSize>=FPartSize) or (Terminated);
  CloseHandle( FDestFile );
  InternetCloseHandle( FInetFile );

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