best way to redirect users in role to slow loading page

I have a few roles within my web application and although I use master pages, I am currently using a regular aspx form to check roles and then redirect to an htm page which is supposed to show an ajax animation.  
The animation works fine in FF but not in IE.  In addition, this redirecting is real slow and not very appealing.  I would like to use some kind of changing text, and maybe a colored div that slowly moves across the page.  I've seen some examples, moves  but can't figure out how to do it.  
Would this be a faster way of redirecting and if yes, how do I implement, if not what would be the best way to redirect a user to a slow loading page when I also have to deal with roles?

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Dale BurrellDirectorCommented:
Are you able to speed up the redirection? Doesn't sound right that it takes that long.
SheritlwAuthor Commented:

I think it takes long because it first has to check multiple roles and then it redirects to an htm page, while on the htm page it has to load some data from the db.
Depending on the internet connection, it can be real slow, so I wanted something that will keep users waiting.
I like the following... but I don't know how to accomplish this.
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Dale BurrellDirectorCommented:
I'd speed it up rather than masking the problem. I suspect your system isn't that large else you would have already mentioned it therefore if its running slow something is wrong somewhere.
SheritlwAuthor Commented:

Yes, I am aware of some bottlenecks, but what I am looking for is a better way to transition to a slow loading page.  I don't like the way I do it now.
I am looking for some assistance on how to create a better animated transition page.
are you saying that even if somene could go through your code with you and find bottlenecks and help you eliminate them so that the page you are speaking of no longer loads slow but loads fast and so you no longer need a transition page - you are not interested - you want to keep the slow loading page and find a better way to transition?
That may sound sarcastic - I'm just wondering though - yes or no?
Dale BurrellDirectorCommented:
@dgrafx thats the assumption I made :) I can't imagine not being able to optimise that process such speed is not an issue, well I can, I've needed it once, but its a pretty unusual occurrence.
SheritlwAuthor Commented:
I definitely want to optimize pages.   I have already replaced the tab container with a list and divs all handled through javascript.  I have also gone through the view state, images, database tables, and other items.
When I started this project more than a year ago, I was just learning,  I came from the old school of cobol, basic, vb and then  I know there is a lot more optimizing to do, but it's  a
just me and I don't know anyone to help, so I keep reading.
So until I can figure out what else I need to do, I need a transition page, especially after a user logs in.
Below is what I am currently working on.
I am hoping someone will help me with this, so I can continue learning and optimizing.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" >
  <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/images2020/ScissorIcon.png" />

<div style="margin:20% 5% 20% 5%; background-color:#fcffce; border:solid 2px Purple;">
<h1 align="center" id="scrollme">Please wait while the page loads your information.</h1>

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    this.focus(); //focus on new window
    redirect = function() {
        var querystring =; //query string
        var page = querystring.substring(querystring.indexOf('=') + 1, querystring.length);
        function toPage() {
            if (page !== undefined && page.length > 1) {
                document.write('<!--[if !IE]>--> <head><meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="1;url=' + page + '" /><\/head><!--<![endif]-->');
                document.write(' \n <!--[if IE]>');
                document.write(' \n <script type="text/javascript">');
                document.write(' \n var version = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);');
                document.write(' \n if (version>=4 || window.location.replace) {');
                document.write(' \n window.location.replace("' + page + '");');
                document.write(' \n } else');
                document.write(' \n window.location.href="' + page + '";');
                document.write(' \n  <\/script> <![endif]-->');
        return {
            begin: toPage
     } ();

    /* ]]> */
    var msgIX = 0
    var msgs = new Array(
 "Once a page has loaded the page will load faster next time.",
 "The text you are looking at has changed.",
 "This is a handy way of sending messages to your users."

    function scrollMessages(milliseconds) {
       window.setInterval("displayMessage()", milliseconds)
    function displayMessage() {
       if (document.getElementById != null) {
          var heading = document.getElementById("scrollme")
          heading.firstChild.nodeValue = msgs[msgIX]
       } else {
          if (navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
             var heading = document.all.item("scrollme")
             heading.innerText = msgs[msgIX]
       msgIX %= msgs.length


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SheritlwAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the links.
I would like to do something like
Hairdressers will be using the app, so I really need something bold that keeps them updated.
Do you know how I would do this in

If you right click on that page, you will notice that its all Flash!
SheritlwAuthor Commented:
Oh ok,

Well I found out why my site is still so slowwwww.... My server.
I thank you for your help.
Glad to help :-)
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