SQL Express 2005 on SBS 2011 Not Accessible over Network

SQL app on SBS 2011 running off SQL Express 2005. Locally the app works fine, but network clients cannot connect. The client SQL app cannot see the SQL Express instance advertising its services over the network.

No firewall running on the client PCs.

AFAIK you cannot disable the SBS 2011 firewall without blocking all network traffic. I tried to bypass it by putting in a rule to pass all ports through the SBS 2011 firewall to no avail.

Any suggestions please?
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Does the app use the ODBC to call SQL.  If so try using named pipes instead
snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
It uses named pipes already. I think there's a clash between the bundled SQL2008 withSBS 2011, but I don't know what to do to test it.
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snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
bad link
snooflehammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's some good stuff to work with. Back on it tomorrow
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