OWA Login screen loop

I got in today and found that the OWA for my exchange 2003 server is stuck in a loop, when I log in as any user it will just take me back to the login screen.  If I access the login screen internally I get a message about the cert being incorrect, I click okay and it takes me back to the login screen.  Settings in IIS look okay but I am not expert on it.
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rdare23Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to resolve it, when I deleted the IIS virtual diretories and then restarted the server this cleared the code or file that was causing the loop.  Thank you for your help.
Is it possible you've done an update to IIS recently?  

Is this of any help:

Jarred PowerNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Try restarting IIS,
Do you get the same problem internally? - https://localhost/owa  (from your exchange server)

Some updates reset the security preferences in IIS as well, I'd check to see what authentication was enabled.  
rdare23Author Commented:
I fixed it.
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