SSRS Reporting Service Error :rsReportParameterValueNotSet

Hi, after i modified a SP as dataset of a report, and replace an existing report with this new report, then it looks ok in the SSRS at the Management Studio, however, in the front end web page of the Sharepoint, it appears an error:  the error message when open the report the error message when open the report
the parameter it should be passed in :
 the parameter
This is how the Properties of the report set up in the SSRS

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almanderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I find that sometimes parameter changes are not deployed to the server. Deleting the report on the server, and re deploying always fixes the problem for me.
x-menIT super heroCommented:
open in BIDS and "refresh Fields" on the dataset you altered, and see if there is an error
jc50967wAuthor Commented:
x-men, no, it doesn't work. thanks
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