How to redirect a web request to the right address

Our company hosts a secure pay site, let's say with the following address

If that address is specifically typed into the address bar, or clicked after a google search, the site loads as intended. However, if you go into the browser address bar and just type or, the browser attempts to load the http address, NOT the https and errors out. Where do I need to change settings so that even if the https is not specified, it will attempt to load the secure site, and not the standard http site? Is there some type of setting affecting the redirect within the web server itself, or does the problem lie elsewhere? All help will be greatly appreciated.
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serchlopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here another good link for IIS with screenshoots.
DarksquireAuthor Commented:
Thanks serchlop,

That took care of it!
DarksquireAuthor Commented:
Thanks a bunch!
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