Editing Distribution Lists through Active Directory

Where do I go in Active Directory to update our network's global distribution lists?  We have some and some people are assigned to the wrong list so I'd like to be able to edit all of them in one place.  I tried do this from within my Outlook but it wouldn't let me save the changes.  I assume I'll need to login as an admin and do this from the administrator tools on the server.

Thank you,
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ejaramilloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click on your domain name on top and click on find...

Search for the email distribution group and from there you can right click go to properties and add or remove names.

If you have access to your domain controller you can log in to it and make the changes under "Active Directory Users and Computers". Go to Start -  Admin Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers.

brandonpfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. I do have access to the domain controller but didn't know where to actually edit the lists?  I figured it was within Active Directory Users and Computers but I don't want to edit the wrong thing.

Thanks again.
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Sorry, go to Active Directory Users and Computers first, then right click on your domain towards the top of the tree once you're in Active Directory Users and Computers..

brandonpfAuthor Commented:

Apparently when our IT firm set this up, they created these groups as "security groups" rather than distribution groups...that's why I didn't see them when I first looked.

Easiest thing might just be to create new distribution groups, so nothing gets messed up with the group policy. Yes?
You can probably just change it to a Distribution group within the properties of the security group. But, if you have policies or any permissions tied to those security groups then it's probably a good idea to make new distribution groups.

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