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I am running Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 10 (DNS) and Office 2010.  DNS is working  great in Excel and Word but for some reason, it is not working at all in the body of Outlook emails.  Interestingly, it is working fine in the To:, Cc:, and Subject boxes but not at all in the body area of the email.

When I went into options to check on the DNS add-in, I was surprised to see a number of other activated add-ins:
I have never noticed more than one or two in the past but then I don't remember having looked at the Outlook COM Add-Ins before -- it was always Excel or Word.

I am not very familiar with how add-ins work so I would appreciate it if someone could comment briefly on a few questions:

1) Can having multiple add-ins like this create conflicts or problems (i.e.  should as many as possible be deactivated)?

2) Do I really need any of these add-ins?  I am not familiar with MS Exchange, Outlook Social Connector, SharePoint Server Calling Import, and OneNotes Notes about Outlook Items

3) One more add-in that was hidden in the previous screenshot -- and by its name, seems like it would be more useful than the others -- is shown here (at the bottom):
 b(Windows Search E-Mail Indexer) Is that one I should activate?

4) Is it helpful to deactivate or even remove some particular add-in and then re-add-it-in and re-activate it (similar to how it helps sometimes to restart an application or your entire computer)?

5) Do any explanations or possible solutions come to mind regarding the issue stated in the first paragraph?

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Apparently, Dragon Naturally Speaking version 11 is somewhat more compatible with Office 2010. According to Nuance's knowledge base, version 10 does not fully support Command and Control or Select-n-Say features.
I found Outlook 2007 so sluggish that I turned off as many add-ins as possible. I've been carrying this practice over with Outlook 2010, though it has always seemed pretty snappy for me.

Mohammed RahmanCommented:
1) Can having multiple add-ins like this create conflicts or problems
Unnecessary add-ins create problems. Not all, but of course few does :(
We come across situations users cannot open excel, outlook and disabling unnecessary add-ins will resolve the issue.

2) Do I really need any of these add-ins?
Google Desktop Outlook Toolbar:
This is used to search the emails using the search bar/gadget outside outlook 2010 (same like google desktop search, used to search files on the computer) Few people opt for the google search to search files and few go with the built in search engine.
** Similarly, you can search emails within outlook by entering key words in outlook search area or use google bar.

Kaspersky Outlook Anti-Virus Addin
Using this addin-kaspersky will scan the mail and mark it as safe, smap, infected.... (based on kaspersky virus, spam definations)

Microsoft Exchage Add-In
Useful only if you connect to Exchange server for email (this would happen in a
business environment)? If not, then you wouldn't need it. If you use pop, imap accounts with Outlook, no need for outlook to load this addin.

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector:
I am pretty sure this has something to do with Facebook and sites of that kind. It may help you look at status updates, sync facebook contacts with outlook and stuff.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Colleague Add-in:
The SharePoint Server Colleague add-in in Microsoft Outlook 2010 scans the user’s Sent Items folder to look for names and keywords along with the frequency of those names and keywords. The list of possible colleagues is updated periodically and stored under the user’s profile on the user’s local computer. This list is accessed by the Add Colleagues page on a user’s SharePoint My Site where they can choose the colleagues they want to add to their My Site. The user can approve or reject contact names and keywords before they are added to the Ask Me About Web Part.
** MySite is a Business Social website (somethink like business facebook) all employees can share their info, make friends, post comments and all similar FC stuff. If you do not have MY SITE, you can disable that addin.

Microsoft VBA for Outlook AddIn

Onenote notes outlook add in
Read the symptoms section from the link below and you may figure out the usage of this addin

Windows Search Email Indexer in Outlook 2010 remains disabled (need not enble it)
This behavior is by design. Windows Desktop Search installs a MAPI Protocol Handler. This handler is responsible for indexing data in earlier versions of Outlook. Outlook 2010 now includes some of that indexing and search functionality in the program. Because the new functionality is built into Outlook 2010, the original Windows Search indexing components and addin are disabled in Outlook 2010, but not removed. This ensures that earlier Outlook versions can be indexed correctly if Outlook 2010 is uninstalled.

4) Is it helpful to deactivate or even remove some particular add-in and then re-add-it-in and re-activate it
My take on this is, it may not have a big hit on Outlooks performance, considering the fact these generation computer hardware can handle pretty much everything.
You may disable them (if you think why should they be there when not used or keep them just in case needed in future....... )

5) Do any explanations or possible solutions come to mind regarding the issue stated in the first paragraph?
Sorry, no clue what that addin is and I hope byundt: have answered that.

*** The above explaination and suggestions are based on my personal experience and my understandings for add-ins. Apologise if anything is incorrect... :)

Hope this helps.
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Absolutely outstanding responses -- from two of the very best responders on EE!
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Thanks Steve.. Your comments motivate me a lot :)
Feels good when the work is appreciated :)
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