Ctrix ICA client cannot open IE or Outlook, Local RDP ok


We've come across a strange problem regarding citrix Metaframe XP and the ICA clients. I am not familiar with Citrix, so I'm hoping some of the Citrix gurus out there can help out.

This is an old system that is running Metaframe XP (Feature Release 3) 1.3.1

ICA client connections to the remote desktop can not open Outlook 2003 or Internet Explorer 6.
These applications open fine if the same user was to perform a straight RDP logon without the ICA client.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Firefox, etc all work perfectly fine and are located on the same partition as the broken apps.

Even going straight to the folder where the exe is located and running gives only a brief flash of hourglass then nothing.. nothing shows in task manager (processes), nothing in event logs....

This even happens when logging onto ICA client as an administrator. I've tried installing the ICA client on a fresh PC, and even tried on a Mac.

I cannot even say when this problem started.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:
So it turns out it was a speedscreen error.  Had you applied the hotfix I pointed you to?
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Anything in the event logs to indicate any problem?

Does it work ok for administrative users?

From the way you descibe the system, I am assuming it is a published desktop?

I would start by downloading the sysinternals process monitor tool and as an administrative user, launch it on one of the affected servers. Then filter on say outlook.exe and try to fire it up on the same server as an affected user. It might be permissions related.

Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
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NanosphereAuthor Commented:

Nothing in the event logs
same problem for citrix and domain admins
the RDP is published, yes.
Process explorer shows the iexplore.exe or the outlook.exe process for a brief second then they terminate. no errors, popups, event log message...

The DEP is turned off completely, and the system is running 2003 SP2 which appears to supercede the hotfixes mentioned.

Thanks for the advice so far.
NanosphereAuthor Commented:
I've also disabled the Trend Micro antivirus in case it was the cause..
NanosphereAuthor Commented:
Aha... just found the solution..

Looking through the citrix forums, I found this:


This tells us to remove the following registry keys:


I did that, and now they open fine.
NanosphereAuthor Commented:
The Citrix KB pages are a mess. All of the links on that page gave a 404 error.

I did eventually locate the latest rollup pack for Metaframe XP on 2003, which *should* address this issue:

Unfortunately, I am stuck at this point now as it won't install because it's only SP3 and SP4 is no longer available for download....

The only Citrix Hotfix which appears to be installed is :XE103W2K3024
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Unless you can find a friend that has all the old Citrix stuff, you are out of luck because it is EOL with no support.  I have all the Citrix releases and patches, but no way to get the files to you.
NanosphereAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, nobody we know has dealt with Citrix, let alone keep an archive of updates...

We have an FTP server. Would you be willing to upload a copy of SP4 to it for us?

If not, i'm guessing we have no other option but to hope that the removal of the registry keys is a permanent enough fix to keep the Citrix server going.

Thanks for all your help so far.
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
I would if it was allowed.  I am pretty sure it isn't.  You would need to provide an FTP login and password and the administrators here would definitely not let that happen.
NanosphereAuthor Commented:
Fair enough... It's anonymous ftp, but I'm not going to push it...

Registry key changes will have to do.
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