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Does Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010 Offer A Similar 'Word Auto-Fill' Feature Or Setting Like The Open Office Writer Programs Provide?

Hello. I have a question.

I know in the OpenOffice.org Writer and LibreOffice Writer has an effective and wonderful feature called something to the effect called or named 'word auto-fill' that when you type a 'longer' word, it automatically suggests the remainder of the word (I believe based on same word used elsewhere in the document.) and completes it if you desire too. This obviously saves time by fewer keystrokes. Please see the attached screen capture image below named/titled; "Open Source Writer Programs - Word Auto Fill Example". Please see the blue highlighted texted type in this attached screen capture image below for details and clarity.

My question:

Is there such a feature in Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010 that offers 'word auto-fill'? I have been doing some preliminary searching and I do not see any reference to it, but then again; I may not be looking at the right online sources since the terminology may be different for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. Is it some, internal, native Word 2007 and Word 2010 setting; and/or some add-on installation feature, and/or some third party program installation to enable this 'word auto-fill' feature?

Please provide your own best possible well written, detailed and documented website links; and/or your own detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips.

DO NOT USE LMGTFY.com or similar-like web links in your reply. I consider its use very unprofessional for EE experts. If you do, you will not get acknowledged and receive no credit.

Please reply.

Thank you!
 Open Source Writer Programs - Word Auto Fill Example
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6 Solutions
I don't believe that function exists in Word, but you can define your own words, especially the ones you use frequently, that you want to autofill. From the Office Button go to Word Options - Proofing - Autocorrect Options. Under the AutoCorrect tab select Replace text as you type. Using your example, in the "Replace" box enter func and in the "With" box enter functioning. Now if you type func and hit the space bar, the rest of the word will fill in.

Helen FeddemaCommented:
It is now called AutoText, under the QuickParts item on the Insert menu.  For it to work, you need to have AutoComplete turned in the Advanced page of the Word Options dialog.  This is different from the AutoCorrect feature mentioned above.  AutoText is more useful for inserting large blocks of text, tables, etc.
Helen FeddemaCommented:
This feature is sometimes called Building Blocks
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RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ Flyster:

Hello! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment.

I see from your comment above, that you state there is no true similarity to the word-auto fill feature found in the Open Office Writer programs. I see there is a 'manual' means to create your own list as you allude to. I see it can be a time consuming issue and extra work to create. But it can be useful once created. Thanks for the tip and suggestion! I never knew this Word 2007 feature existed.  

Thank you!

@ Helen_Feddema:

Hello! Nice to meet you too! Thank you for your comment.

Okay, after reading both your comments, I was a little confused how to actually works at first. It is called "Building Blocks Organizer" in my Word 2007 version. I see how to works after trial and error practice. I am able to get it to work. Pretty unique and useful similar to a template insert feature of sorts. I never knew it existed like Flyster's suggestion and tip.

However, I do not see this is anything like the word-auto fill feature functionality found in the Open Office Writer programs much like Flyster indicates Word 2007 and 2010 does not offer.

I would like you to reply in a comment that there is no such similar feature or function in Word 2007 and 2010 as a user types to automatically suggest the rest of the word like word-auto fill feature found in the Open Office Writer programs. The reason why I ask is that you appear confident that is the same or similar word-auto fill feature or function found in the Open Office Writer programs from your comment; yet it is truly nothing of the sort; unless I am missing something similar in Word 2007 or 2010 with your comment becuase I am not completely familiar with"Building Blocks Organizer"?  

Please reply.

Thank you!

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it can also be known as auto-correct file | options | proofing sample video of autocorrect in action

For office 2007 and 2010 the rules seem a little different.
But with Office 2010 I think you're looking for "auto text" options that are located under the Insert tab and the "Quick parts" options.  Type the word, sentence or phrase and then highlight and click on the quick parts options and select "save selection to quick parts gallery.
With this you can save your entry for auto filling. Just remember to select auto text with the gallery options when you save the entry.    Auto fill word 2010 Auto fill word 2010This will save the entries to the normal.doc file

For a more detailed look, click on this link
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:

ve3ofa is correct. In Word 2007/2010 as well as in past versions of word it is known as AutoCorrect (see ve3ofa's image: File tab -> Options -> AutoCorrect Options.

Not only do you have predefined entries and you can add your own expressions. Generally, this option will automatically correct mistakes, but will also complete expressions (for example, replace XXX with another expression as you type.)

You can take this to another level using boilerplate software for Word: Boilerplate - Free Downloads.

This extends the AutoCorrect function of word by allowing user defined keystroke combinations to insert a group of your commonly used expressions or paragraphs of text.

By the way, AutoFill refers to the option in most browsers that will fill out selected logons (UserID and Password) to sites you visit often. Same principle, but not the same as AutoCorrect!

RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ Flyster, Helen_Feddema, ve3ofa, CanusRufus, & paulsauve:

Hello. I am back. Thanks for your patience.

Okay, I finally figured this whole issue out after about 5 hours of deep researching. First, I have to apologize. It seems that each time I 'think' I know what Microsoft Word is all about, I do not. I am always in learning mode with any Microsoft Office product let alone all the other aspects and functionality and features of all the Microsoft products. Reason is with the increased number of vocabulary that has been included with later expert comments, I was getting more lost and greatly confused.

Let me start by saying that with all your input from all your responses in all your comments, you have facilitated my mental thinking processes and logical thought processes in this whole matter in order to provide me the means, the ideologies, and more details and facts and bits of information in order to do a deep researching on this topic with other reliable and reviewed online resources. I had enough gathered from all your expert comments in this thread in order to set out and first find out what is going on here and what I need to know first.

As I was reading each expert opinion with very careful  analyzation of each part of your comments' sentences, I was getting more confused by the minute! Regardless, you all have first provided me the terminology that I 'thought' I knew or 'assumed', I was wrong at the time. Now I DO know.

Anyways, with all this confusing terminology presented to me, I have always learned from past experiences that I need to research terminology *FIRST* prior to learning anything features, functional, and historical perspectives about something. I had to reference it online from reliable resources that provided examples and demonstrations that proved their legitimacy with each term you have presented here to affirm the terms validity . Once it was unequivocally proven to be true by trial and error, then I KNEW IT WAS TRUE!

To be honest, learning the terminology alone brought most of my understanding with this whole issue. For example: I have been presented from all the experts in this question/thread the following terms:

1. AutoComplete
2. AutoCorrect
3. AutoText
4. Building Blocks (Organizer)
5. Quick Parts
6. AutoFill

 Along while I was learning this terminology, these resources also presented the functionality equally by examples in resources I have read where proved valid with my versions of Word 2007 and Word 2010. Good I said. Yet, I learned in addition to the terminology and the functionality, I also learned the historical perspective of what happened through the evolution of these terms here as well.  After learning all these through some extensive reading and research, I found the answer to my issue. But I couldn't have done it without ALL of you!!!
Let me share with you the answer and solution to this question/thread. The answer is to this question/thread is ultimately this:

The feature that I am looking for is called "AutoComplete" that was removed from ONLY Word 2007. I use Word 2007 most of the time over using my Word 2010 version.  AutoComplete has been restored in Word 2010 again like Word 2003 version has. AutoComplete skipped Word 2007 version for reasons I will weblink you too. Guess what, Word 2010 is my 'new friend' now. :-)

There are many resources I have explored the last few hours, but the one I want to allude to is these two resources that I think says it best to state a point of this whole issue:

1. http://www.infopackets.com/news/carols_corner_office/2007/20071219_autocomplete_in_ms_word_2007.htm

2. http://forums.techarena.in/windows-software/1137307.htm

Let me define (features and functional perspectives) the same terms from above for clarity from legit resources that are not too complicated to understand but are accurate in measure so we all have equal and fair comprehension:

1.  AutoComplete: Microsoft Word will display a ScreenTip when you type the first few characters of an AutoText entry, at which point you can insert the entry or continue typing.
Source: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/turn-on-or-off-autocomplete-HP005189585.aspx

2.  AutoCorrect: To automatically detect and correct typos, misspelled words, and incorrect capitalization.
Source: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/about-automatic-corrections-HP005235065.aspx

3. AutoText: AutoText is an easy way to speed up the creation of your documents. It allows you to insert automatically predefined text in your document.
Source: http://wordprocessing.about.com/od/wordprocessingsoftware/a/autotext.htm

4. Building Blocks (Organizer): Building blocks are new in Word 2007. Actually, the name and the capability to shift some elements into a category called building blocks are new with Word 2007, but most users of previous versions of Word will be familiar with what building blocks can do. For example, if you’ve used Word’s AutoText feature before, you’ll understand using a building block in the same way you used AutoText previously because Word 2007 groups AutoText entries into the overall group called building blocks.
Source: http://www.itechtalk.com/thread701.html

5.Quick Parts: The Quick Part Gallery is a gallery where you can create, store, and find reusable pieces of content, including AutoText, document properties such as title and author, and fields
Source: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/quick-parts-HA010370568.aspx

6. AutoFill: Autofill is a function in some computer applications or programs, typically those containing forms, which fills in a field automatically. [NOT A MICROSOFT TERM IN WORD 2007 OR 2010, APPLICABLE TO THE OPEN OFFICE WRITER PROGRAMS.]
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autofill

Obviously, now from the terminology provided above, you can see that "AutoComplete" is the 'term' I am look for relating to my initial post above when I said 'called something to the effect called or named 'word auto-fill' that when you type a 'longer' word, it automatically suggests the remainder of the word (I believe based on same word used elsewhere in the document.) and completes it if you desire too.'  

Now, as I have learned that "AutoComplete has been disabl(ed) in Word 2007 due to the enormous quantity of Building Blocks (the expanded successor to AutoText) that would otherwise cause AutoComplete to occur at just about all the time."
Source:  http://www.infopackets.com/news/carols_corner_office/2007/20071219_autocomplete_in_ms_word_2007.htm

That explains my issues and why do not see the "Auto since I use Microsoft Office 2007 'most' of the time. I have to test this in Microsoft Office 2010. However to my understanding for Microsoft Office 2010 version an article posted by CanusRufus's comment made this all possible where AutoComplete has been restored.

Okay, so I am now going to close this thread since I have solved this issue and I have a solution. I have to use Word 2010 if I want to have the feature of AutoComplete.

Now, regarding the awarding of "Accepted Solutions" and points.

Obviously, I found the answer and solution. Therefore I should award myself the "Accepted Solution" and by rights I can, however I found CanusRufus also comment on the fact from the Word 2010 perspective which holds the most accurate and closest applicable response to my initial thread asking what happened to "Auto-Fill" which NOW I am corrected to say "AutoComplete". I am correct because I am looking at this perspective from the vantage point of Word 2007. Both CanusRufus's and my responses complement each other. However, I cannot take the points and I wouldn't since I need to award the EE experts here since you advice and input with the terminology and some concepts in your comments that ultimately facilitated me into researching this issue. Plus all other EE experts' comments are also correct in nature and are applicable in more of an 'indirect' means to answer my question/thread. Therefore, credit is due to you to help me research my answer!  

Expert Comments - my responses to your comments:

1. Flyster - Hello. Nice to meet you.  Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right, "that function (does not) exist in Word" -- but not aware from the essence of your statement that different versions of Word have what I was trying to discuss that have these discrepancies. Okay, I see where you are leading after I have been reading articles online where one can use the "AutoCorrect" feature in lieu of the missing AutoComplete feature manually in some capacity, and can be somewhat particular and beneficial to Word 2007. Yes, it is a work around; but not the same as "AutoCorrect". An issue is if you use 'x' characters of the word (4-5 characters) and is already an established word to begin with and AutoCorrect will not work  to finish your work. I like your originality and how to use the alternate method to solve this issue.

You will receive an "Assisted Solution" and 75 points. Reason: Correct indirect alternate answer and solution to my issue/thread.      

2. Helen_Feddema: Hello. Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment. I think you say "now" in your first statement of your first comment, I see you must be referring to Word 2010 from your stepped instructions and this appears to be true, yet I have not tested it out completely in Word 2010 yet. I think you know what your discussing from our comment, but I never understood what you meant until I researched this on my own. Yes, "Building Blocks" is the other term they now call it in Word 2007 and 2010. I know now after researching this issue what you are saying, but I needed more clarity and more detail between the two versions of Word. Full of correct information that is useful, just I at the time I was unable to reference your information to the version of Word you were referencing.

You will receive an "Assisted Solution" and 75 points. Reason: Provides me correct pieces of data without referencing the version of Word it applies too. Useful information for particularly Word 2010. Because you have 2 comments posted that are both applicable to this reason, I am going to award 50 points of the 75 points to your first comment and 25 points to your second comment based on weight.  

3. ve3ofa: Hello again. Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment. Your saying basically the same thing as Flyster I have indicated above. I like your example to demonstrate AutoCorrect in the online video weblink.

You will receive an "Assisted Solution" and 75 points. Reason: Correct indirect alternate answer and solution to my issue/thread. Same as Flyster.

4. CanusRufus: Hello. Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment. You are correct. You answer my question now looking at it after I have researched this issue from the Word 2010 perspective and not the Word 2007 perspective as I am perceiving. We are both correct. I haven't tested the AutoText process in Word 2010 as I have previously stated, but from your well described procedure; I see AutoText behaves similarity to AutoCorrect in that words and phrases needed to input manually, however AutoText is a word 'completing' Word feature where AutoCorrect is a word 'changing'  Word feature. I see after Microsoft added AutoText back into Word 2010, it behaves better than Word 2007.

You will receive an "Accepted Solution" and 175 points. Reason: Everything I already stated above in the above paragraph to save some typing. :-)

5. paulsauve: Hello. Thank you for your comment.  You see this whole process as the same as Flyster and ve3ofa and as I have discussed in detail with them both over the fact that you can in 'some ways' use AutoCorrect in Word 2007 (and even in Word 2010 with AutoComplete resorted) in lieu of AutoComplete. Yes, it is not the same thing. You allude to that in your comment. I totally appreciate the link to the third party install program Boilerplate and I have to give that a attempts and makes AutoCorrect even more behavioral (lack of a better word) like AutoComplete as I have read. Thanks for the clarity of "AutoFill" with special logon conditions. Yes, that is true.

You will receive an "Assisted Solution" and 100 points. Reason: Correct indirect alternate answer and solution to my issue/thread. Same as Flyster and ve3ofa. However, your added weblinks for a third party program to make AutoCorrect behave more like AutoComplete and your clarity on "AutoFill" earn more than the 75 points awarded to the other similar comments above.

Again, thank you ALL for your help!!! :-)
And I thank you!
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