How to block voip calls usingISA 2004

Dear All,

Good Day,

Could you please guide me how can i block the Voip Calls using ISA 2004.

Voip Calls its 3rd party software (stunt calls, jumblo, action voip.....)

Waiting for your reply

Ram Kumar ChellamAsked:
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Suliman Abu KharroubConnect With a Mentor IT Consultant Commented:
Create a new rule from internal to that ip (computer object) l to block http (only http).
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Everything is blocked by default.

Monitor ISA connections (logs tab), find which allow rule grant access for those protocols and delete/disable it.
Ram Kumar ChellamAuthor Commented:

I checked ISA Monitor its showing Protocol:http and destination IP:, could you please tell me what to do

Ram Kumar ChellamAuthor Commented:
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