Day abbreviations

I have two date parameter fields, start date and end date.

Normally the first day of the week ( the left most ) is Sunday. Is it possible to change the calendar so that the left most day is Monday?

After previous upgrade ( CR2008 SP3 run time) the users started to complain we have weird day abbreviations. When date parameter calendar is opened, day abbreviations are H, P, V, W, V, T and H instead of normal  S, M, T, W, T, F and S.

Do you have any idea how to correct this?  Dll error?  
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can change the data calendar for the starting day of the week.

The letter changes sound like you have another language set as default somewhere.
I don't see a language that has those as the first letters.

Ady Erik AffandieIT CoordinatorCommented:
Check the format on the Regional Language and Administrative tab (Language for non-Unicode programs). Whether in the server it self or in client pc.

You can check also for 'DayOfWeek' in CR and use it in a formula.

Hope it help.
PeteBeeAuthor Commented:
"You can check also for 'DayOfWeek' in CR and use it in a formula."  -> this is the way report date fields are made.

"I don't think you can change the data calendar for the starting day of the week."  -> this is what I said to our first line support, but I wanted to get another ( = gurus ) opinion.

"I don't see a language that has those as the first letters."  -> I have gone thru more than 30 languages without a match. Because this has changed -> somewhere something is different than previous versions. The searching is in progress......
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I haven't seen a problem but then I don't necessarily look at the calendar tht closely.

James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmm.  When I open the calendar for a date parameter in CR 10, I get 3 letter day abbreviations (Sun, Mon, etc.), not 1 letter abbreviations (S, M, etc.).  Maybe that's just different in your version.

 The letters that you get are kind of interesting.  They follow the same pattern as the English names.  Sat and Sun start with the same letter (H).  Tue and Thu start with the same letter (V).  Mon, Wed and Fri start with 3 other letters (P, W and T).

 Now if I only knew what that meant.  :-)  It does make the language thing seem a bit less likely.  Would the day names in another language follow the same pattern?  I'm sure they could.  It just seems like in most cases they wouldn't.  Still don't  know what that means though.  <scratching head>  :-)

Ady Erik AffandieConnect With a Mentor IT CoordinatorCommented:
Try to use WeekDayName() function.

Just a silly idea.
Open the same file to other computer which have previous version of CR (or before you upgrade it to SP3).

If the report is working fine then probably there is a bug on SP3 for CR2008.
PeteBeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks beldex. All of our environments and all of our production and test environments use this new version exept one. So I asked customers main user to test. And the result was day abbreviations are in English.

Previous version contains big changes to our application foundation level. Something somewhere is changed and it reflects here. So the best thing is the knowledge that this is not my headache anymore :o)

I think there is not much to do so I close this ticket.

I reward you:
   - mlmcc for confirming I can't change the calender to be a Monday based
   - James for noticing same pattern as in English
   - beldex for comment to test this in old environment
It would be interesting to figure out what the change was so you can avoid it at the client end.

PeteBeeAuthor Commented:
I let you know if we find the reason.
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