Email text turns to ???????????

I have exchange 2003 on a Server 2003 and the client is using Outlook 2010. The client PC has UK Windows XP Pro with UK  and Russian keyboard / fonts installed. An email arrived in the users inbox with a number of attachments. When he forwarded it he typed a message in the body of the email l. This was done in Russian and all looks fine on his PC. When it arrives at the recipients mailbox all the russian text has been changed to ??????????
Any ideas?
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ReubenwelshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The recipient needs to have Russian installed on there system, could you confirm if this is or is not the case?

JayHineAuthor Commented:
the problem only arises when the email is forwarded not if an original sent. I installed the russian keyboard etc but it didnt help.
Do you have the same problem in the OWA? Also do all computers have this issue?

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