How to avoid page load event calling towce when called froma hyperlink

I have a page which calls another page through a hyperlink in a grid and the page load event is called twice because of this. How to avoid this, the page.ispostback does not work as its being called from another page and the hyperlink in the grid is something like this below:

<asp:HyperLinkField HeaderText="RNo" Text="CBRNo" DataTextField="RNo" DataNavigateUrlFields="ID" DataNavigateUrlFormatString="Agency.aspx?ID={0}" SortExpression="RNo"/>
welcome 123Asked:
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guru_samiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of HyperLinkField try using TemplateField with HyperLink control like here.
Ramkisan JagtapLead DeveloperCommented:
u can use html anchor tag.
<a href="yourpath"></a>
welcome 123Author Commented:
I have other needs to wher I have to use a grid in which clicking on itemid should take you to another page
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