PDF and SharePoint 2007

I created an org chart and PDF-ed it; then linked data to each box but when I upload to SharePoint 2007, my links are broken.  How can I get the links to stay?
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ejosep04Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
How would I know?

i did the same (from a visio exported to pdf) but the links were not broken.
have you checked if the pdf file has the correct links (i'm thinking that maybe the links get broken when you create the pdf and sharepoint has nothing to do with it).

just thinking out loud
ejosep04Author Commented:
Yes before I uploaded to SP 2007, I checked to see if the links still worked. They did. I also uploaded the links to SP thinking they needed to be in the same software to be accessed. That didn't work either.
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Are you using Absolute or relative links?
cirillopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Absolute would be http://something and relative would be /something
ejosep04Author Commented:
they were relative links. I will re-link with absolute links and test. thx
ejosep04Author Commented:
this was the answer to my issue. Thx, cirillop!
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