Running out of space on sql server C drive huge Windows\System32\winevt\Logs folder

Hi All

We have a 35Gb partition for the C drive on our sql server and it is starting to run a bit short on space (1gb left).

I have had a poke around and found that the directory "Windows\System32\winevt\Logs" is just shy of 10gb.

It looks to me like the event logs but when i look in event viewer the biggest log size is 16mb.

Can anybody suggest what these mioght be and will any harm be done if they are deleted?
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Johny050Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can delete them in Windows Explorer, just go to the Logs folder, select all (CTRL+A) and hit delete.
They should not do any harm if deleted.
ict-torquilclarkAuthor Commented:
just delete them in wondows explorer? or is there a special way that they should be deleted?
You should not directly delete the file:

Check this url on how to:

Below article describes how to clean up event logs
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