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Test LAN conection speed

I have users in the network that now and then complains about the slowliness of their applications.
For instance an Outlook user would say when I click on a folder different from the one I have the cursor focus on, it will take a long time to display the contents of the new outlook folder I have changed the focus to.

I wonder if Pingging the exchange server from the user workstation, will give me an idea if the slowliness of the network, if so what kind of ping results are considered normal network connections?

7 Solutions
If the exchange server is on the local network, it should only be a few milliseconds.
When I have doubts about the slowness of the network I do two tests:
1 .- I check if the transfer speed between the server and the computer is correct. Simply copy a 300MB folder from server to desktop computer, it should take about 35 sec. If it does....your actual speed is correct (300*8bits/35seg =68Mbps) in a 100Mbps LAN. Note that a ping on a local network always going to give you times of less than a millisecond, not the actual, the real speed.
2 .- If the speed is good, then the fault must be sought in the software, If we are talking about Outlook which is your version? patches?
its purely Performence issue not a network issue.
you may check the virtual memory configuration on all exchange server and set accaording to microsoft formula.
if Physical memory is less than or equal to 4GB Virtual memory should be twice fo physical memory.
if Physical memory is grater than 4 GB  than Vuirtual memory should be 1.5 times of  Physical memory.


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jskfanAuthor Commented:
Not all users complain about the slowliness, just few of them and:
They are in different Vlans, different switches and their mailboxes are in the same exchange server but different mailbox databases(stores).

How is the Outlook configured, MAPI or RPC/HTTPS?
Also let us know if the Outlook is configured for cache mode or online mode.
I would also check the mailbox size of these users and number of items in their individual folders, like Inbox, Sent Items, etc.,
please check the connectivity and speed test between the VLANS.
one thing more please sp0ecify  what type of connection outlook uses with exchange server ?
one thing more you can use outlook cached mode as well Download Headers Only setting is selected.may it will leads you towards the resolution of the problem.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
We are using regular Outlook from inside the LAN, it is a MAPI client
jskfanAuthor Commented:
thanks guys!
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