Wise 7 - problem

Hi experts!

Although I make installation from 10 years, last 5 years with Wise 7 now I havea  problem I can’t handle.

 I send you my wsi. The problem is follow – installation finish fine, but when I start file Playlist.exe or playlistsearcher.exe I get message that it should be configured (look pic), is appears 3 times and finally software is run well. But this is in EVRY START ¿ . Some of installed program do not have this problem, while some have it.

I’m sure I do not do wrong action in Wise which to lead to such behavior . It look like BUG of Wise, till now I fix it with return to old Wise project file and put all correction. But  I do this 10 times last months and I need a solution. I believe solution is somewhere in a wrong record in tables, could you please give me some suggection?

 I attach my whole .wsi project. Please rename the jpg file to .wsi

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Vadim RappCommented:
The answer usually is not in the msi itself, but in what the application is doing. Please take a look at the article "How to fix Windows Installer Efforts to Self-Repair"

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dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
Aaaaaaaa! I can't belived !!! Aaaa

Well, the answer of my question is other, Wise have check utility and it report me where is problem was. It was due to a missing files and unable to create directory on target computer, which lead to this self repair.

10x for your best post on link! I read it and … aaaaa. I can’t believed, I find why when I start VB6 in my developer computer VB6  start auto self repair, about 1.5 years I always click on Cancel button, but I start VB6 about 200 times in a day ..almost EVRY DAY!!! … Aaa. BIG BIG THANK YOU! IF you was near me, I will pay a beer for you!!!
Vadim RappCommented:
Looking at your wsi...

1. It's not a good idea to include your COM merge modules; in modern systems all these dll's come with o/s. In unlikely case you really need their specific versions, you should isolate them.
2. However, it's good idea to include MSVCP merge modules that you don't include, rather than runtime files.
3. what if during the upgrade your included mdb is newer than already installed user's mdb? are you sure you want to overwrite?
4. Product version should be x.y.z
5. no upgrade information

Running validation on it shows many other issues to address....
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dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your ideas. I really respected your time. In general I’m self learning person … no theory, just practice, for me this is proven in years system,  but sometime I even do not guest to look in Windows application log …

It might look strange to you, but this installation is in real use almost 4 years and it is prove that do what is expected. In fact it doesn’t produce any single problems with installation over 200 + computers.
 Well, additional .exe which I start is done from the additional manufacture and I do not have control over it at all. Of course, I can tell to my customer – after install my software please start other package and as you see this are 2 or 4 packages, depends of options selected. So although my solution is not very close to recommended , it is very practical as I say – it is work! :-)

 About VCRuntimes – I was not able to find MSM for VC9 SP1, I find only VC.
About upgrade database – my current options is not to replace. At all ..different version lead to different database, it is no possible here auto solution. And this is not mass popular software, when a update is require update my customer always ask me how to do it. This is software working n mode 7/24/365 .

About this:
1. It's not a good idea to include your COM merge modules; in modern systems all these dll's come with o/s. In unlikely case you really need their specific versions, you should isolate them.

I need especially this component version – I mean MS VC7, GDI+. In general, I always recommend customer to install on new fresh Windows. But may be this is not a MUST – what you mean under isolate then? How to isolate it ?

Let me ask somethink. What are you information, does Wise install system will be developer? I see that it is running out of time, but I’m not ready to leave all my time invest in Wise and go for example to Install shields.  What is your fabvoiur tool for create a installation?

Vadim RappCommented:
> what you mean under isolate then?

see article "Isolating a .DLL With an .EXE" in Wise Help, and MSDN article "Isolated Components"

But I meant not VC library, I meant merge modules MSVBVM60, COMCAT, MDAC, OLEAUT32 and MSXML.

Regarding Wise - yes, it has been and still is my tool of choice, but indeed its days are numbered - which was expected as soon as Symantec has appeared on the scene. Whether you want to look for alternatives, depends on your users. If I understand correctly, you deploy your installations in your own network, to the computers you know well (which partially explains why you never encountered any problems with this installation, unlike if you sent it to external users, who would have Windows 7, 64-bit platforms, and much more). So as long as the environment where you work remains stable, there's no real need to change. I for example still run SQL Server 2000 and have no reason whatsoever to upgrade it. If however tomorrow you start developing installations for others and find that they demand features Wise does not support anymore (for example, support of Visual Studio 2010), then you will have to look for alternatives, where I think Installshield would be candidate #1. Another alternative is free WiX, but this is mostly based on what others seem to say, while I personally can't imagine myself writing all this in XML by hand and then running 10 or so different command-line utilities to put it together.

Another dilemma is that MSI technology by itself seems to be on descend, with Microsoft being allegedly #1 violator of all MSI standards - rather than enforcer.
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
Thank you again for your answer.
Well, look that will use Wise to the last possible moments. Still 5 years I guest ;-) Now I’m with Wise 7, I see that there is Wise 8, but I do not see any new on it. Only name ..may be idea is to collect money. True or not ?

My installation is not done in internal network, not at all. And it is installing on both XP and Win 7.  This package in put in WEB page and everybody can tested it. If he decide to buy it, it is install on dedicated server and is install only this software, no any others.

Due to nature of primary software (playout solution for TV channel), it works only in 32 bits windows at all. About DCOM,VBMSVM60 and other – it install it only if there no such files or it version is smaller. In most case, this is not true and they are not installing at all. But I should installed it, or my software will not be able to start if they are missing.

But  I understand your concert.

I never forget when I install my software solution like demo in Bulgarian  Ministry of Defense  on a computer with Win 98, but my install change a system file with Win 95 version) and ... Windows dead.  They reinstall it after my demonstration..xexexe … biggest fail which I have with installation. This was before 10 years .)
Vadim RappCommented:
> I see that there is Wise 8, but I do not see any new on it. Only name ..may be idea is to collect money. True or not ?

Here's from Ed Tippelt, who has been around Wise on their forum for ages and knows ins and outs better than I:

I don't think there is enough new content in WPS8 to justify buying the license - just updates to support for VS2008 and Windows Installer 4.5 and some bug fixes. It should have been released as WPS7 SP4, but as we know, Symantec like to asset strip all the products they buy before they let them slide into oblivion.

My personal take: I think paying Symantec even one dollar for anything is simply unethical in general, and specifically when no part of this dollar goes to anyone who has developed the product, or at least is going to develop it further.
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