Script to change bios setting for HDD using WMI or some other method

I simply need a script that can change the bios HDD setting from IDE  to  AHCI.
Does not need built in elevation, it will be running on an admin account.
This script will be running on lenovo x200's
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5g6tdcv4Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Take a look at this page: 

There is a sample set of scripts at the bottom of that page: 
x-menIT super heroCommented:
scripts work within a operating system.
5g6tdcv4Author Commented:
yes you are correct. is there any way to change a bios setting from windows using vb, powershell, whatever.............
these are all domain machines and would be running as local admin...........
x-menConnect With a Mentor IT super heroCommented:
no, either access the BIOS localy, or through a remote management provided by the manufacturer
5g6tdcv4Author Commented:
My comment is the correct answer to the question, but xmen pointed in the right direction
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