AD Computer Properties Missing Tabs

I have two different domains.  Both Windows 2003 server with SP2 and alll current MS updates.  Yesterday I right clicked on the computer properties in one of the domains and I see 8 tabs.  In the other domain I see 6 tabs.  The Security and Object tabs are missing in one of the domains.  Can anyone tell me why this would be?  Images attached. AD PC Properties Tab 1 AD PC Properties Tab 2
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mcsweenConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network AdministratorCommented:
In AD Users and Computers click View, Advanced Features
TonygretAuthor Commented:
Fantastic!  I would have never found that.  Thank you for your help.
Amitabh SinghAWS Certified Solution Architect | L3 IT Specialist for CloudCommented:
in Active Directory Users and Computers  Make sure "Advanced features " is selected under "View".
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