IE opens off line and Dial A Connection dialog box appears...

I've enabled preference mode for IE in an OU to allow for users to have access to setting print margins. Some how ( the "Enable Autodialing" was also turned on.....Our users would then open their browsers and it would tell them they were offline and tell them to choose a dial up connection even though they are connected to the LAN.

I've unchecked "enable autodialing" in advanced setting according to this KB:
However I still have users that are having this issue despite following the KB directions...
Other users in the OU dont seem to be effected.....

GReg GP editor - preference mode checked Preference mode advanced - Auto Dial DEselected.... Preference mode advanced - Auto Dial DEselected....
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jsdrayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go up to your group policy (first pic) and go into the connection GPO.  Then in connection settings check the box for "Delete existing Dial-Up Connection Settings"...  
If you haven't already, please check this on one of the problem machines:

Click on the Tools menu
Click on the Internet Options menu item
Click on the Connections tab

Make sure that "Never Dial a Connection" is selected. It c ould be that on some of the systems the "Always dial a connection" selection was made by the policy that you fixed.

pitsterAuthor Commented:
jsdray - this looks promising! I've got this box checked now....we'll see if it works!!!!!
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Did this work for you?
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pitsterAuthor Commented:
pitsterAuthor Commented:
Accepting jsdray's solution as fix
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