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I want to move/copy a sub-site from one site to another but before I do so, I want to back-up the copied/moved sites.  I am only a site collection admin.  How would I be able to perform this task?
We are using SharePoint 2007.

IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAsked:
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cirillopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
stsadm -o export -url [URL name of site] -filename [export file name] -includeusersecurity (to export your wss site into a file)
where ever you create the new site, create it as blank site
stsadm.exe -o import -url [YourNewBlankSiteURL] -filename [C:\...\Filename] -includeusersecurity
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
If you are only a site admin, you won't have access to the server to run the commands.  You could do it through SHarePoint designer, but that isn't a true backup.

Have your farm admin do it on the web server using STSADM -o backup -url _______ -filename _____
rajapandian_81Connect With a Mentor Commented:

stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://your site path here -filename D:/backup.dat -overwrite

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-o backup is fine but when working with moving Subsites to Top level and Top level to Subsite then you should use the -o export/import. check out the comparrission here
Also so at a site collection administrator level you cannot use any of the sugguestions without either Farm admin or at least there help as even the SharePoint designer requires you to restore to a blank site already provissioned and it has a data capacity limit that is very low
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
If I work with my Farm admin and all this is successful, will redirection be set up automatically.
When users accidentally try to access the old site, will they be redirected to the new location?
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Your question is going in multiple directions. The original question you asked was how to backup sites. I've given you the options you have as a site admin. If you have questions about actually moving sites or redirecting, you need to start a new thread.
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for you comments.
They have been very helpful.
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