outputting data as xml

I have a registration form that I'm planning to put out on the web.what is the best way to get the output from the textboxes,ASP.net web controls. Can I output it as XML or what's best way to capture data.
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MrunalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends how important and sensitive your data which is to be inserted by users.

If it is not so important, you can use simple asp.net way to insert into database.




If you want to pass this data to somewhere else (through network) then it is ok to have this data into XML and pass this XML file. (which is more secured).

Here are some references:



Hope this clears you.
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
I have a software that transform data to XML,however I need to know how to populate the dropdown box using the XMl output.do you have code mappings XML output to asp.net
zachvaldezAuthor Commented:
Very comprehensive and applicable  even though it refers to  older version of SQL server
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