IPhone 4 Tethering options?

I have a IPhone with the grandfathered unlimited plan for $30 a month. I am waiting for the IPhone 5 (hopefully) to be released and I am thinking about getting a IPad.

If I wanted to tether the IPad to the IPhone do you absolutely have to buy the special plan for $45 dollars? It's stupid, I would only save $5 doing this as opposed to it's own 3g plan.

It seems to me like the tethering capability should be handled on the local end, on the hardware, what does ATT have to do with me tethering something to my phone? Is there a way to allow the IPad to connect to my IPhone without getting the special, over priced plan from ATT?

Does Verizon offer a better deal for tethering or are there any other creative ways to do this without paying more for a plan?

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junkymail1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way to tether your phone without paying for it is to jailbreak it.  Again by doing that you void your warranty and can have your account suspended.  Many people do it, and it has become much easier wit the tools the breakers are providing.  It does become a constant cat and mouse game because usually with every new iOS version, they usually break the previous ways to jailbreak your phone.  If you are interested here is an article on how to jailbreak your iPhone.  


and one about a the benefits/pitfalls of jailbreaking:

Currently that is the only way to tether without paying for it.  There are also a lot of othter
The tethering plan that At&t offers is just another service.  Apple has disable the feature for At&t, but can be enabled by jailbreaking your phone.  Again, this could void your contract and phone support.  I also have been looking for a way to tether my iPad.  The only way I have found is to tether to my laptop or pay for the service through At&t.  Verizon's plan is pretty much the same with the same limitations, except you can't get the unlimited plan.
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
If I understand it correctly in order to add the tethering plan I would lose the old unlimited plan? I guess it's not that big a deal I am almost always under 500 MB of usage a month.

Does the Android and Windows phone follow the same rule where you have to get ripped of by the cell phone company in order to tether something to your phone?

This is irritating. If ATT gives you a bandwidth limit then there is no reason they should charge you more for tethering your phone, tethering is completely done on the local hardware, this is just a way they can rip you off.
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I know what you mean.  I called a few months ago for the tethering and the told me I would have to drop my plan to get the tethering option, thus losing my unlimited data.  I told them no thanks.  Although, did you see that if you are a heavy unlimited user, they are going to start slowing you down if you reach a certain limit.  

I do agree, it is a ripoff.  I have an old 3gs (also waiting for iPhone 5), and was looking into jailbreaking to enable the option.  Just don't want to lose my unlimited data.  I also am usually around the 500mb limit, but want the option to get as much as I want if needed.  Just the company's way to screw you.  

What I have been doing is I have a wireless card for my laptop, and can turn my laptop into a hotspot through windows, and tether the iPad to that.  It is better then nothing, just pisses me off I have to do that to use my ipad.
Also, yes, Android and Windows also bend to the mercy of the phone company and enable the tethering feature through the enable.  Android again is a little more open and easier to jailbreak if you wanted.

I just don't know why the care how you use your streaming, they just want to squeeze you.  I am waiting for a LTE iPhone and them to kill the unlimited package if you want the faster speeds, or at least charge you more for the faster speeds.  

Just frustrating.
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
The only good thing is they give you a extra 2GB of data for the $20.

Any other ideas how to get by the pay for tethering crap?
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. I'll check into it and see. I will probably just pay the fee and not worry about jail breaking it. Maybe later on after the IOS updates slow down for the new phone.
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