E-Mail Address in Digital Signature

I am using signcode to sign my .exe files. Does anyone know how to get a value into the E-Mail field of the signature?
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Em ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not so familiar with this, but here's some related article regarding the email address. read the lowest part.


something to do when you purchase it.
Em ManCommented:
Hi John,

not sure If I get what you mean, can give elaborate further. thanks
JohnClingAuthor Commented:
I want the "Not Available" replaced with one of our e-mail addresses.
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
This would have had to been filled out upon the request of the cert.  Once issued you can't make mods. You will need to request a reissue if still in the time frame.
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Sorry for the repeat comment
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