What is a good desktop app to watch your cpu

What is a good desktop app to watch your cpu ( windows 7 64bit)
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Process Explorer

Uness you are looking for more of a widget, then I cannot help. I find they waste more resources for the value and convenience they offer...

Process Explorer can also replace the Task Manager, in the options...

And if you need a temperature app, Speedfan is the way to go...
Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
many motherboard manufacturers offer tools for clocking (and over-clocking) CPUs.  This may also show your utilisation (and temp, etc), depending on the board in question...

what mobo do you have?
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
very general question - what exactly do you want to watch?
for temperature :  use speedfan : http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
for cpu use, cacheman : http://www.outertech.com/
for running software - what's running  http://www.whatsrunning.net/
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Arman KhodabandeConnect With a Mentor IT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
Install Tuneup Utilities. It's a complete suit to solve your windows problems. It also comes with a gadget which shows detailed CPU info and other performance graphs.
1030071002Author Commented:
computer is freezing the wireless light goes from blue to orange and then freeze not before the cpu fan speeds up. HP Pavilion note book i7
Arman KhodabandeConnect With a Mentor IT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
This HP series are known for weak motherboards and bad performance!
However you may have one of the following problems:

1) It's probable that you have malware on your windows. Use Malwarebytes anti malware to scan your pc.
If you have any antivirus software update it and scan your computer before using Malwarebytes.
Note: Installing 2 antivirus simultaneously is dangerous and may lead to bootup problems.

2) Scan your PC for windows and registry problems.
You can use Tuneup utilities, PC OnPoint, CCleaner, . . .
Use Disk cleanup of your windows too.
Tuneup utilities increases system performance greately if you use all the potential of the software.

3) You may have a fragmented hard disk. Defragment your drives by using either windows defragment tool or a 3rd-party tool.
Windows defragment is weak. I recommend Raxco Perfectdisk to defragment your hard.

4) You may have driver conflicts. Raxco has another utility to check this one. you can download it.
You can download and use Drivermax to update your drivers.

5) Do a CHKDSK inside windows....


chkdsk /f /r

hit Y, and reboot.

6)If you have a low performance PC plus an antivirus do the following:

a. If your antivirus settings has a "Concede System Resources to other applications" option enable it. (My kaspersky has this option)
b. If you use web-based mail account disable anti-spam. Go to your antivirus scan settings and select "Scan by extension" for scan type. This will increase performance greatly.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can try some things :
-does it do the same in safe mode?
-did you try last known good?

any problems in event viewer?  or any minidumps in windows\minidulmps?  if yes, post the latest here; attach as file
1030071002Author Commented:
never freeze in safemode
So is your problem resolved?
1030071002Author Commented:
Good to hear... Wasnt quite sure based on your last comment....
and what was the solution??
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