Outlook slows down or shows hour glass when print command is given.

Hi Team,

A pc of our in the network takes a consideralble long time to print, when print command is given.
The problem is when we print from outlook.
Printing is fine from excel and word.
Can you please guide me in this matter.
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When i said " there might be a printer that doesn't exist", i meant that a network printer might have existed  before and every time the print window opens, it is looking for the printer on the network address, but it doesn't respond since it isn't there any more.
Pranav_ITAuthor Commented:
Dear exerts please help me in this issue
What version of Outlook?
Pranav_ITAuthor Commented:
outlook 2007

Couple of things, are you using pst or ost?  I am wondering if you have a skewed pst or something?  If it is a pst, is it a 2003 pst or a more current one?  Try running this through it:


You could also try deleting outlprnt from this location:
C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\AppData\Microsoft\Outlook
Outlook should recreate it automatically afterwards

Another thought is that there might be a printer that doesn't exist, but windows thinks it does.  However, i doubt it since excel and word are fine
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