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i have backup exec 12.5d which fails for both exchange and file/sql backup. for exchange i get access denied error. i have so far updated the media server and then reinstalled and restarted all the servers but still the same issue. i have also modified the registry key and installed an update as per one of the symantec articles (319699 hotfix )

the file/sql backup also fails telling the media server is unable to connect to the resource.
any ideas are highly appreciated.
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WilsonsITDeptConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I have had similar occurences and bizzarely when I change the resource order in the backup job mine have then run through successfully.  I don't know why this would make a difference but it has.

Also, having several backup servers with backup exec I have also swapped the jobs to other backup exec servers and again jobs seem to run through successfully on one backup server and not on others.

Failing that I have also tried different backup exec accounts

Kind regards

junaidITAuthor Commented:

i have tried all this. no luck yet. any other suggestions. every time i get a different error. The current one i am getting is about not having the right agent.

have verified this :

backup exec service account is part of the local admin group(exclusively added), part of the domain admin group, logged into the media server using the backup exec service account and then pushed the agents again.restarted the servers again, all service are running,

still no luck. the agent on the exchange server would crash the minute the backup starts, the case with the file/server backup is also the same. it just says there was an error connecting to the  remote servers.
this used to work prior to me shutting down all servers for power failure problem in our offices (*proper shutdown )and started failing ever sincve then.

thanks in advance for your help,
junaidITAuthor Commented:
an update to the original issue. i removed the agents from the exchange server and the domain controller and rebooted them. reinstalled them using the agent installation wizard from the media server. now when i try to run the backup , i get e800647b.

i havent installed the open file agent, rather did the installation fo the remote agent for windows. please advise. been doing ntbackup and this is piling up eating the space.

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junaidITAuthor Commented:
its e80064b, typo in the above
junaidITAuthor Commented:
ran debugging while the backup was happening and got the following message

BESERVER: [10/02/11 11:46:56] [4288]     Failed to open Microsoft cluster ()
BESERVER: [10/02/11 11:46:56] [4288]     VCS cluster keys do not appear to be present in the registry
BESERVER: [10/02/11 11:46:56] [4288]     Failed to open VCS cluster ()

what does this mean??
junaidITAuthor Commented:
Rodney BarnhardtConnect With a Mentor Server AdministratorCommented:
Are you sure about the error e80064b? I cannot find that error listed anywhere. Could you post a screen shot? In response to your debug listing. It may be how some of the services are configured. Check out the solution in the link below:
junaidITAuthor Commented:
thats a wrong one i typed. e000846b error. i have checked out the services that were configured and they are in the proper way. the thing i have not done is to reinstall the license key for the exchange.
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
On the remote server, run netstat -ab and see what port beremote.exe is listening on. It should be port 10000. Also, since this happed after a power on, have you check the firewall on the remote server to make sure it isn't blocking anything.
honmapogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You said that the remote agent crashes as soon as the backup starts. Is that still the case after the reinstall? That could cause the e000846b error.
What version of Exchange are you backing up? Are you sure it's a version supported by Backup Exec 12.5?

The debug snippet you posted is for the server side (BESERVER.exe process) and just indicates that your Backup Exec server is not a cluster. Nothing to worry about.

You could put the remote agent on the remote server in debug mode and check what's the last thing it does before it crashes (if it still crashes). See for instructions on enabling debugging.
junaidITAuthor Commented:
will do it over the night and try running another backup and update shortly. thanks for the help.
junaidITAuthor Commented:

i tried enabling debugging via the sevices and nothing seems to be getting logged. interesting i had reinstalled .net framework 2 and 3 on the media server and after that the file server bakup happend with error  e000fec2 - A failure occurred accessing the SnapShot handle., but i can see that there is data that has been backedup.

however dont ahve much luck with exchange server/ad server.

i reinstalled .net on the media server and surprisingly the file server backup happend.however we are still having issues with the exchange server backup. can anyone advise please. it only backs up upto 21mb and then fails. the error that i get for exchange now is e000fe7c - Database was not found and could not be backed up. Please make sure database exists and is mounted( this is for the exchange backup, for system state etc , i get e000846b - The resource could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent.
Make sure that the correct version of the Remote Agent is installed and running on the target computer.

i have also checked if the port is used by any other app and doesnt seem to be appearing anywhere in the active ports on which the server is listening to.

please advise.
junaidITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

backup seems to be working now. reinstalling the .net framework seems to have done the trick. then reinstalled the agent on the exchange server again and in job properties, ensures aofo is not selected and to never backup open file when not using aofo.

keeping my fingures crossed.
junaidITAuthor Commented:
thank you for providing suggestions.
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