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Morning all
I have been set a task. I need to find if it is possible to display information on all our users computers (widely dispersed within the UK) with out causing problems.

Each user needs to have the PC hostname and the pc IP address displayed on the desktop of the pc so if they have a problem they have this information to hand when asked by a support rep.

Each site runs local desktop and citrix desktop so displaying the info on either screen will be good.

Each site has varying quality of connection (worst is @1/2mb but they usually do not have many users)

Each PC will have multiple users/profiles and this information needs to be displayed on each users profile.

Laptops will vary their location so the IP address will change and this needs to be reflected.

I have been given this info which has prompted this question because I never thought this would be so difficult -

"Although this is easy to implement you have to consider the negative side of this as far as performance is concerned. As that info is actually part of the back ground image, this has to be held in memory and constantly re-drawn when you move windows around your desktop. This can significantly slow down the operation of your workstation"

Any help, pointers advice or solutions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
BG Info is pretty much the de facto solution for this - fully customizable for your wallpaper and can easily be pushed across the network.  Users will have to manually accept a T&C's pop-up from SysInternals but then installs for All Users on the machine.  As most of the data is fixed there's only a check for changes at launch otherwise it's a static wallpaper with minimal use of resources and sits over any user desktop background (and free!) have a play before distributing as you also send a config file out with it which is completely customisable.
Lee OsborneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Agreed with MASQUERAID about using BG Info. We've just deployed virtual desktops and as each user logs on and gets a random desktop from the pool, it makes it easier for them to tell us their desktop hostname as it's displayed on the desktop wallpaper.

I 'think' I'm right in saying that if you add the /nolicprompt switch to the end of the command line, your users won't have to accept the T&C's prompt either. I'm sure somebody will clarify this if that's not correct though!

The following command line is a shortcut in the All Users startup folder:

C:\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe bl.bgi /timer:0 /silent /nolicprompt

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Thanks Lee, as I was typing that I was thinking, "actually, there must be a switch to take that stage out" ;)  
Just used on about 2500 workstations but everyone seems to have clicked "yes.  That's why I like this site, always learning.
Lee OsborneCommented:
You always find the answer to something after you've worked through it the hard way!

ssereg2Author Commented:
Fast & friendly advice, thanks gents, very much appreciated
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