how i can center a text object in crustal report

how i can center a text object in crustal report.
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WilsonsITDeptConnect With a Mentor Commented:

What version of CR are you using, In CRXI you can make the text object the same width as the page and the click on the alighn centre button to centre the text.

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Ady Erik AffandieConnect With a Mentor IT CoordinatorCommented:
What do you mean w/ ".. center a text object in CR.." ?

If you want to put your text in the center then:
- put the text in very left side of the canvas
- expand the text by dragging the right side until reach the right side of the canvas
- and click on menu 'Allign Center'

hope it help (if this is what you looking for).
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are trying to center vertically, Crystal doesn't provide the capability to do that.

James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
FWIW, instead of making the field the same width as the report (which would usually overlap some other fields on my reports), I would make it some smaller width that made centering the field easy.  For example, if the report was 7.5 inches wide, I'd make the field 3.5 inches wide and use center alignment on the field.  Position the field at the 2 inch mark and it's centered.

MKItaniAuthor Commented:
no solution for the problem.
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