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Sorry about the beginners question...

I have a web application (written with Delphi/Intraweb - but i think this is not relevant to the problem) that renders a series of pages as the user works his way through the application.

I have a help window that i have opened and each time i render a new page i want to update the help window with the lastest help text.

So at the onLoad event i want to be able to find the help window and update its URL to the new help page.

How can i keep track of the window that i opened at the begining of the process.  At the moment i can not see a way to keep track of it after each submit and render of new form.  

Are there "global variables" in a web browser that are persistent between each submit?
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Kiran SonawaneConnect With a Mentor Project LeadCommented:
You can play with cookies
leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
no way with javascript
soozhAuthor Commented:
well i know that with the same WindowName will just open the new url in the same window.

But the real problem is how to close the window.

How could i do this with cookies? My JS is not so good.
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no way with javascript
Kiran SonawaneProject LeadCommented:
leakim971's statement is true
soozhAuthor Commented:
so if a web application creates a pop-up window... there is no way it can close it later if a new page has been rendered in the parent window?
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