Login error running through our network

I have been having an issue in our network where users are trying to login in the morning to their computers and recieve and error that states "unable to login due to an account restriction".

We have verified that there is no restrictions in our windows AD network or group policy but this continues to happen.  If I have the user reboot their computer they are able to login to the network as ususal, sometimes it takes two to three reboots.

Any help understanding this is greatly appreciated.

Jim D
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jduncan39Author Commented:
This can be closed as we found that a network connection from the Police department to our county network was trying to take over.  We changed the binding information on this connection and the errors have stopped.

Thanks for all of your input.
This sounds like it could be related to login hours. have you checked that the login hours are correct ?
What does the Event Log on the Users PC say about this?

Can you post the log?

Also, take a look at this Post:
jduncan39Author Commented:
I will check these things out and let you know my results and post a log hoefully today.
jduncan39Author Commented:
The other comments were not pertaining to my special issue and that was probably due to my poor explanation of the issue
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