Is there a free packet sniffer out there that provides some kind of reporting feature?

I have a customer who is complaining of a slow network.  I would like to run a packet sniffer on the network so I can see whats going on.  Is there any kind of free packet sniffer out there that will provide some kind of reporting feature that breaks down what it saw.  Thanks.
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bluemelnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SolarWinds has several effective free tools and free trials. For your purposes, I would use SNMP traps. NetFlow Configurator is free.
Get Paessler and setup some traffic sensors ; what kind of network hardware does the customer have?
I would try using Wireshark.
CSorgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
wireshark is not nice if you want it to spit out nice, readable reports. To much information is a hasle when troubleshooting.

I use Paessler software in combination with NetFlow (on Cisco devices in my case) and SNMP as well for monitoring all kinds of other information.

have a look, I am sure it won't waste your time.
sb1mpoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is a Cisco network I would suggest using NBAR for protocol discovery:

You can check out exactly what type of traffic is crossing your network and then apply quality of service policies.

Another thing could be the use of netflow, quite easy to prepare, a free download of realtime analyzer and configuration assistance can be found here:

Let me know if either helps.
denver218Author Commented:
I configured Netflow on the Cisco Routers and used solarwinds as the netflow collector.  It works great!!
Which of the Solarwinds products did you end up using together with Netflow?
denver218Author Commented:
I used Solorwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor to collect Netflow Data.
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