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Hi, I gt a Cisco router that I want to configure, its 800 series wireless , I do rememer I was able to connect to it via console port , I gt tera term to access it , the problem is I open the tera term and when I hit enter nothing happen , the flash on the ok button is solid green , the on that says cd is blinking green and the rest grey because nothing is connected to them, I am connected to internet , its just for my exam purpose , I asked my tutor if I can reset it , and he said yes, I looked at the back of the router and I could see there is a reset button , I pressed that untill the cd start blinking and stopped again , but still no luck . I tried on vista and xp with no luck , both laptops are ok . I do not know if anyone can help pls ,and is it true if I forgot the password and hit the reset button it will delete the password ? pls comment .thks
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Hi mate.  You need to be using the "console" connection on the router & not the normal ethernet ports.

Most of these Cisco's come woth a CD containing management software for the console connection.  That also overcomes your password issue.

I'd be asking the tutor for a CD if I were you.  You'll be struggling to get the management software from Cisco.


hnaelAuthor Commented:
Hi, Ian , I gt the sdm cd , and I am using console connection as well , I did not use the cd becaue I want to practice the CLI command , so now I got the cd how can I overcome the password , thks
Yes, the reset button wipes out any passwords. Here is what it does in detail:
Q. What is the purpose of the reset button?
A. The reset button is used to restore the router to the default factory settings if pressed within five seconds of router bootup. Here is how it works:
• The router will not react to the reset button if the button is pressed after the five seconds of bootup.

• When the reset button is pressed within five seconds of bootup and there is no valid xxx.cfg file in the flash memory, the router boots up with the factory defaults stored in NVRAM.

• When the reset button is pressed within five seconds of bootup and there is a valid xxx.cfg file in the flash, the router boots up with the xxx.cfg file and avoids the startup-config file in NVRAM.

You can achieve the same result by resetting the router via the console port. See the section Troubleshooting > Recovering a Lost Password for all variations of resets:

hnaelAuthor Commented:
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