How do I bundle a .msi with an mst transform into a single batch file?

Hello everyone,
I recently used Adobe's Customization Wizard to modify our Adobe Reader 10.1 installation in citrix.  

I saved the extracted setup files from .exe to a local folder:  c:\adobe10.1 and added the *.mst to the same directory.  I used the following command to initiate the setup successfully:

c:\adobe10.1\Msiexec /I acroread.msi transforms=acroread.mst

But i was wondering if there is a way to save this as a batch command or a single installation file so we can easily deploy when needed without having to refer to the command line.

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CanusRufusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you save on a network share and point to it as a batch file?
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