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Can anyone tell me what the best program is for sending email newsletters. We would like to give our customers the opportunity to out in or opt out of our email newsletter. Our concern is of becoming blacklisted by our email server. We currently have an email list containing over 10,000 names. Is there an industry standard program that email servers consider to be legitimate? And are there any do's and don'ts that we should be aware of.
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PapertripConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alright here is exactly what needs to be done.

Setup a new IP to send these types of mails from -- keep them separate from your normal every day mails.
Setup matching A and PTR records for new IP
Add new IP to SPF record for your domain
Setup DKIM signing on your sending servers
Start warming-up the new IP by routing a small percentage of your normal mails through it, slowly ramping it up based on how your reputation looks.  Check it at and
10000 mails is not a lot, so you don't need to worry about getting a reputation of being a high-volume sender, I imagine that would still be considered low.  
Don't wait too long between mailings from that IP -- I don't mean do it daily, but don't do it only yearly either -- keep your reputation steady.

Make sure the content doesn't seem spammy.  Don't put words like "IMPORTANT!!!!" in the subject.  You MUST include an opt-out, I know you said you wanted that anyways but just making that clear.
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Mailchimp . com

Its easy, free to sign up and will cover all your requirements and has experts on the end of an email to help

Prices are fair depending on what you are looking to acheive
Do you have budget to outsource these mailings or do you have to send them from your own server(s)?
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aweber works well as well for above requirements. if your main concern is email has to be delivered in inbox. Free solutions like mailchimp has been way too abused and most of the email goes into spam folders.

SteveIT ManagerCommented:
It also comes down to the content and structure of the email being sent as to whether or not the email is snagged by a spam filter.

We get hundreds of email newsletters and the like with a low percentage spam / junk ratio
glued2pcAuthor Commented:
We would like to do this in-house. We have used Mail Chimp in the past, it worked great in the beginning but it got use in trouble with blacklisting. Please keep in mind we have been in business for 35 years and we are very legitimate business. We are just trying to stay in touch with current customers in our data base.
how about aweber
As far as in-house management of the user database and opt-out processes and the like, I don't have specific experience with that.  My last answer was strictly best practices for ensuring high deliverability and click-thru's while keeping you off blacklists.

How you do it in-house would depend on what kind of environment you have and what resources are available.  For example do you have someone who can just whip some PHP up to do those "simple" things of managing users and opt-outs?
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