SSL VPN and general ports

I have an asa 5510 and we are using the SSL vpn portal, and it works well.

I also have the anyconnect client setup and working.

What I am looking to do is to have someone log into the SSL VPN Portal, and be able to use a bookmark for an RDP session (which works fine) but ALSO have (once logged in to the portal) have their IP Communicator softphone on their desktop be able to connect, not using the anyconnect client.

is there a way to be able to use the softphone (open the required ports) via the SSL VPN connection only?
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jmeggersConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network and Security EngineerCommented:
The point of AnyConnect is it creates a full tunnel, and IPC should work fine through that.  You don't need the portal to launch the RDP session, but I suppose you can do it that way.

I'm not a voice expert but I don't know of any way to have IPC work through a portal since it's not a web app.
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