Outlook 2010 calendar reminder popup window not working....

Hello everyone!


We're using terminal server environment  -Windows 2008 (64bit).
Users logged in to terminal servers via remote desktop with their logon credentials.
We're using Outlook 2010 for email client.

Some of the users Outlook calendar reminder popup window is not working. It was working before. Suddenly stopped working/ not showing up.

Tried all the commands -

outlook.exe /cleanreminders
outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy
outlook.exe /resetfolders

No luck.

Can anyone please advise why is that happening?

Many thanks.
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jaw34Connect With a Mentor Commented:
We just had a similar issue. We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 terminal server.

Microsoft has a hotfix available to address this issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2584053

You will need to click on the "View and request hotfix downloads" link at the top of the page.

If you are accessing the link from the terminal server you may not be able to get there if IE Enhanced security configuration is enabled.

This seems to have resolved the issue for us, and the hotfix does not appear to have caused other problems, as far as I know.
Do you have SP1 installed for Office 2010?

Lokk at this article,
That points to this Hotfix:
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Did you try simple settings? In settings are enable and disable ?
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effusion_ukAuthor Commented:
Hello Jeremyno,

They have been checked....
effusion_ukAuthor Commented:
Hello CanusRufus,

Thanks for the link.
SP1 installed indeed. Went to that link but couldn't able to download that hotfix.

As I said, some users facing the problem although reminder worked fine with their Outlook before.
Other users reminder is working fine.
Just wondering, if I install that hotfix, what will be the after effect?

Any other thoughts for that problem?
A hotfix you can never truly know the answer. I have never seen an issue however Microsoft recommends to test before installing in an enterprise environment.
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Ok the users that are using outlook are on the same PC? One work other not? Can you try it on same pc with difrent user profiles?

Did you try Office repair?
effusion_ukAuthor Commented:

Users are using thin client computers.
Users need to logon via remote desktop with their login details to terminal server environment.

Some users are affected with the problem. Others are working fine.
That's the confusing part. If that's a major issue then all the users have the same problem which not!
Tried to reset profile but didn't work......
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Have you got lots of data in user profiles on server?

I had same problem once and the solution whose try this steps.

Logon user - control panel - mail - DELETE PROFILE (no restart DELETE) after delete folders with data.
Login user - control panel - mail - Create Profile - Name it POST (its not important shot name) after add account again.

Open Outlook

If this don't help then


Login as administrator manualy remove C - USERS - USERNAME folder and if you use trash delete it from trash

Reboot server and logon again as the normal user and add again mail account. But first solution works for lots of problems with outlook.
effusion_ukAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late response.
Thanks for your suggestions.

They both have been tested. But the problem is still there.

We wiped out the user profile. Logged in again  and create mail profile as well.
No luck ....
any other advise?
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Have users same user rights and graphical experience settings?
effusion_ukAuthor Commented:
effusion_ukAuthor Commented:
Thank you!

That hotfix helped indeed!

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