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Is There A Way To Open More Than Instance of A Program Or Software By Some Other Means When The Program Or Software Allows For ONLY ONE Instance To Run At A Time?

Posted on 2011-09-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Hello. I have a question to ask you.

Is there any way to open more than one Nitro PDF Reader (free version) on my desktop at once? …or more generally and the real question I am asking, 'any way to open multiple instances of a program or software when the program allows to run only instance at a time'?

NOTE: I am using Nitro PDF Reader (free version) as an good example since there are times I would need to compare two (or more) PDF files AT ONCE and I cannot. I'm not saying that the Nitro PDF Reader (free version)  itself has the ability to open another instance WITHIN the program or software ITSELF (because to my knowledge it cannot), but ANOTHER  'WINDOW' of Nitro PDF Reader (free version). Further, by using Windows 7's Aero Snap where two SEPARATE Nitro PDF Reader (free version) windows would be side-by-side. (Yes, in essence I am asking 2 questions here. My example I presented needs to be answered as well as my general question I posed -- they go together, but can be answered with solutions separately.)  

I am aware of those programs or software what have its own intrinsic programming to only provide one instance at once open and I am looking for ways or means in order to overcome this one run instance limitation.

I am wondering if there are:

1. features in Windows 7 that have settings or configurations that allow for more than one instance?

2. third party programs that have the ability to overcome preset and predefined one instance programs or software and allow for more than one than one instance of that program or software to run that same time on Windows 7?

Please provide your own detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips; and/or the best possible well written, detailed and documented website links.

DO NOT USE LMGTFY.com or similar-like web links in your reply. I consider its use very unprofessional for EE experts. If you do, you will not get acknowledged and receive no credit.

NOTE: This applies to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Please reply.

Thank you!
Question by:RegulaOne

Expert Comment

by:Khalid Mehmood Awan
ID: 36817438
:-) a quick tip and it might work.

make a copy of the program exe file and try running it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 36817480
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Expert Comment

ID: 36891949
start "" c:\path\to\nitropdf.exe /seperate

Or if you have a second user account, right click the app>"Run As Different User"

Might work......
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Accepted Solution

David Johnson, CD, MVP earned 2000 total points
ID: 36893142
other than using some form of virtualization i.e. WindowsXPMode I think you are out of luck for Nitro PDF Reader.. I've tried making it a portable app and running different instances of portable app and just could not get it to give 2 instances.

Author Comment

ID: 36895201
@ khalidmehmoodawan:

Hello. Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment.

Your comment is very original! Unfortunately, I get involvement with the first installation of Nitro PDF Reader (free version) I originally installed.  The installer setup file displays the "Change, repair, or remove installation" window screen when PDF Reader (free version) is executed. Please see, "Nitro PDF Reader 2 Setup - Screen Clipping Image - Re khalidmehmoodawan &  johnb6767".

Thank you!

@ Papertrip:

Hello. Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment.

In attempting your weblink in your comment above, I cannot perform as stated in the weblink, " Click on it again and you have the same instance appear again." when using my example for Nitro PDF Reader (free version). Therefore it applies to the software program itself as the source of the issue.

I like to idea, it seemed to make sense.

Thank you!

@ johnb6767:

Hello again. Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

Regarding your response, I never  heard of your response before. I did attempt to do what you mentioned to see what exactly happens. Unfortunately, I get redirected back to the first installation of Nitro PDF Reader (free version) I originally installed. What appears is the installer setup file displays the "Change, repair, or remove installation" window screen . Please see, "Nitro PDF Reader 2 Setup - Screen Clipping Image - Re khalidmehmoodawan &  johnb6767".Therefore the result is obvious reference to my first installation. Yes, a dead end or I cannot continue on from here. The results are much like  khalidmehmoodawan's results above.

Another, good try!

Thank you!    

@ ve3ofa:

Hello. Nice to see you again! Thank you for your comment.

I honestly think you say it best here. That is not what I want to hear from an EE expert as an answer and solution, but I think you telling the truth when addressing the PDF Reader (free version).

I do appreciate your attempt to make a portable application from the installer version and not unfortunately having satisfactory results. Thank you for your effort.

Thank you!

@ all that have commented to date:

I see no one else has replied in the last few hours. I normally do not close my questions/thread this soon, but I have several EE experts attempt with interesting answers and work around attempts that all proved not to work. Thank you all for your efforts! I have one EE expert here basically indicate that it is not possible to achieve my results -- I didn't like the response, but I think the EE expert is absolutely correct. Therefore I am going to close this question/thread.

Next, I will award points and solution titles…  

Author Closing Comment

ID: 36895235
@ ve3ofa & all that have replied:

Hello again.

Like I previously said above in my last comment, ve3ofa said it best. Not the answer and solution I want, but ve3ofa's answer is correct. No true solution however, obviously.

Once in a while I do get one of these answers to one of my questions/threads.

You will be awarded the "Accepted Solution" and the full 500 points for your correct answer.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their help here!!!

Author Comment

ID: 36895288
@ all that have replied:

Hello again. I apologize, I forgot to add that screen image clipping I stated I would in my 2nd to last comment above. I know it is not totally essential for interpretation for this question/thread, but I should of added it in that comment of mine. Well, here it is in this comment below
 Nitro PDF Reader 2 Setup - Screen Clipping Image - Re khalidmehmoodawan & johnb6767
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Expert Comment

ID: 36895478
Pleasure as always.....   :-)

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