How do I disable login (Exchange 2007) while letting mail reach proper Mailbox

I have a group of users in an Exchange 2007 server (separate system as a PDC) that I need to disable.  However, I need their email to reach their boxes so when I reenable them in the future, no mail has been lost.

How can I do this?  I need to make sure all email is retained in the users' boxes.

There are too many users for changing the passwords and changing back to be a good choice, that is a very last resort.
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Deepu ChowdaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you disable the account how mail will reach Inbox.
Otherwise change their passwords and give them when you want to..
rwohleberAuthor Commented:
I dont know, that's why I'm hoping someone here has an idea as to how :)
Deepu ChowdaryCommented:
:) Ok AFAIK, the possible way is to change the passwords and again give them when you want to give.
ash007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No You cannot disable Mailbox & retain it once enabled.You have choose option of changing passwords
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