Unit testing with visual studio


I am looking for the tutorials in which there is a stpe by step description of how to execute unit tests in visual studio

Karan Gupta
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oxyooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are plenty of options to choose from. Besides Microsoft's MSText (as linked to above by @jagrut_patel) you can choose ReSharper [1] which I use heavily and am very satisfied with. It can easily run NUnit tests amongst other. Do note that ReSharper does more than just add a unit test runner to Visual Studio. There is also TestDriven.Net [2] that support NUnit, MbUnit, MSTest and others, Both of these allows you to run tests from within Visual Studio.

There is also NUnit's [3] own test runner, but it can not run within Visual Studio instead it is a separate application.

So you have a lot to choose from :)

 [1]: http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/
 [2]: http://testdriven.net/
 [3]: http://www.nunit.org/

I would also highly recommend that you read Roy Osherove's book "The Art Of Unit Testing" [1] with examples in .NET. Highly recommended.

 [1]: http://artofunittesting.com/
KaranGuptaAuthor Commented:

I am looking for the article for Visual studio 2008
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