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I have added 2 new servers to my exchange 2003 server environment. A CAS 2010 server in a DMZ and an exchange 2010 Mailbox server with Hub on the local LAN.
Below is the setup of my site.

I moved my own mailbox from exchange 1 to the new server exchange 3, but even though ADSI edit says under MTA and Home MDB server the new one my exchange account setup points to the CAS server.
Is this something is should worry about as I would expect it to point to the mailbox server.

OWA 2003
CAS 2010 (New) Was first installed

Exchange1 2003
Exchange 2 2003
Exchange 3 2010 (New)
2008 Core DC
2008 Core DC

Remote Site
Exchange 1 2003
Exchange 2 2003
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dm_mcelduffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is the correct behaviour as outlook is the client and this is the client access server. There is a good guide to the different layouts of the roles in 2003 - 2007 - 2010 at the link here:
Hope this helps!
2010 server roles are very different to 2003 firstly I would not recomment putting your CAS server in the DMZ this is not a 'front end server. There are quite a few guides out there to help you with the transition.
Rodders1000Author Commented:
ok thanks. Moved the CAS onto the LAN as specified by MS.

Outlook still points to the CAS rather the mailbox server,
Rodders1000Author Commented:
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
It all makes sense now.
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