Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Boots then suddenly shuts down

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 model and when I boot it up it gets the to Windows XP logo but then the machine mysteriously shuts down all of the sudden. Any idea why this would be happening?
Also the battery is dead in it so I've had to hook it up to an AC Adapter.
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Does the same happen with the battery removed from the PC?

Normally shutdowns like that are symptoms of overheating. Try to remove any dust if you can.
xb12xAuthor Commented:
I removed the battery and the machine seems to be booting up fine now. I find that quite odd. I will take the machine apart and examine the fans.
The battery itself can be the cause, as it can get quite hot, with it removed that possibility is removed too. Another issue could be that since the battery is bad, it could be drawing too much power from the for the power adapter to supply, and that can also cause similar issues.

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xb12xAuthor Commented:
I have a feeling that the battery is causing the issue itself as the fans and internals are okay. Looks like i'll have to look in getting this machine a replacement battery.
A faulty battery can cause an issue.
If removing off the battery clears the problem, clearly the battery
is causing the shutdown.

xb12xAuthor Commented:
Yeah I removed the battery and it was firing up fine, so there is something up with the battery in that particular machine. Looks like I have to purchase a new one.
Didn't I suggest removing the battery in my first post, days before asidu?
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