Best ROOTKIT detector/remover

I have having a devil of a time removing a series of "ZW" rootkits.  The first one is ZACreateKey, which is somehow hooked to spzr.sys.   I need a solution to this or do I just do a low level format on the drive and resinsall XPP.  The issue is that more than likely there are other PCs on the network that also are infected.   So....I need a quick & dirty rootkit revealer and a rookit remover.   Any suggestions would be most appreciative and welcomed.
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Ashok DewanConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
no one is best but you can try , i use gmer, tuluka
List of antirootkit
    ATool -
    ATool (mirror) -
    Antivir Antirootkit -
    Avast! Antirootkit -
    AVZ -
    Catchme -
    CodeWalker ARK -
    CodeWalker ARK (mirror) -
    CsrWalker -
    CsrWalker (mirror) -
    DarkSpy 1.05 -
    DarkSpy 1.05 (mirror) -
    DeepMonitor -
    Deep System Explorer (dead link) -
    Deep System Explorer (mirror) -
    Dr. Web DwShark (mirror) -
    Dr. Web DwShark (newer version) (mirror) -
    ESET SysInspector
    F-Secure Blacklight -
    Filter Monitor -
    FindDll 2 (by Eric_71) -
    GMER -
    Helios -
    Helios Lite -
    HiddenFinder -
    Hook Analyzer -
    HookShark (dead link) -
    HookShark (mirror) -
    IceSword 1.22 (english) -
    IceSword 1.22 (english) (mirror) -
    Kernel Detective v1.3.1 -
    Kernel Detective v1.3.1 (mirror) -
    kX-Ray -
    Mandiant Memoryze -
    McAfee Rootkit Detective -
    modGREPER -
    NIAP Rootkit Detect Tools -
    NIAP Rootkit Detect Tools (mirror) -
    Panda Antirootkit -
    Process Hunter -
    Process Walker -
    Process Walker (mirror) -
    Radix -
    RegReveal -
    RootkitDetector -
    Rootkit Unhooker 3.8 SR2 -
    Rootkit Revealer -
    RootQuest (dead link) -
    RootQuest (mirror) -
    RootRepeal -
    Safe'n'Sec Personal Pro + Rootkit Detector -
    SafetyCheck 1.7 -
    SanityCheck 2.00 -
    Sophos Antirootkit -
    Stealth MBR Rootkit Detector -
    SysProt Antirootkit -
    SysReveal -
    TDSS Remover -
    Tizer Rootkit Razor -
    TrendMicro RootkitBuster -
    Tuluka Kernel Inspector -
    Tukula Kernel Inspector (mirror) -
    VBA32 Antirootkit -
    XueTr -
    XueTr CLI -
    YasKit 1.223 -
    YasKit 1.223 (mirror) -
infosys3Author Commented:
Wow....lots of soltutions.  Many thanks, but anythng in particular about the "ZW Rootskit(s)"????
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infosys3Author Commented:
Sorry...but in your opinion is it just easier to low-level format the drive and start again with XP-SP2 and reload all apps.   I am just not comfortable knowing that all the rootkits have been disabled, delelted or quarantineed.   Again, many thanks for your comments.
rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would Try Gmer and or IceSword.
Gmer is good at detecting rootkits and so is IceSword which is a highly advanced highly advanced rootkit scanner.
Usually rootkits are flagged in red but caution is needed as some legit tools' drivers are also flag in red. Icesword also detects hidden as well as non-hidden running processes so check every running processes.
It also lets you save logs so you can post the logs here if you need assistance with the log.

I would also try Combofix as it also detects rootkits and mbr modification and will autofix it and also replaced patched files if a replacement is available and specially if RC is installed.

When using just one rootkit scanners and killing the suspect rootkit you need to make sure that all related files including the loading point are removed before rebooting so the rootkit won't return.

Reformat is also another option I would do easily since I have all my program's discs and no backing up of files since all of my important data is stored in another drive.
infosys3Author Commented:
Many thanks for the help....I appreciate it.
No problem.
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