Windows SBS 2003 migration to SBS 2008 POP3 Connector problem

We are in the middle of migrating our Windows SBS 2003 server to a new Windows SBS 2008 server.  Everything was running smooth until we attempted to configure the POP3 Connector in the Network -> Connectivity tab.  Everytime we click the "View POP3 Connector properties" we get a popup window with the following message

"The Windows SBS Console feature is not setup correctly."

The exact error in the pop3service log from %programfiles%/Windows Small Business Server/Logs/pop3connector/ is

[t 0] 09/30/11, 08:16:03:     -- Pop3Connector --    
[t 0] 09/30/11, 08:16:03: Options: 0x6031
[t 0] 09/30/11, 08:16:03: POP3 schedule is misconfigured (there should be 1, but there is actually 0); exiting.
[t 0] 09/30/11, 08:16:03: Leaving _ServiceMain (13).

These are the steps we have followed already

Restarted the migration (5 times)
Reinstalled the POP3 Connector
Installed the Hub Transport from Exchange 2007

It is important to mention that the service failing is the Windows SBS POP3 Connector and NOT the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service.

The required wizards that were completed successfully prior to this POP3 task are

Internet connection
Internet Domain Name

Also have run the Fix my network wizard which fixed a couple of issues, but not the POP3 error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
C. Crane Company Inc.Asked:
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C. Crane Company Inc.Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Another note to add to this upgrade for anyone who has any trouble and that it was not mentioned on the documentation.

1) If your new server has more than one NIC, disable all but 1 on the BIOS.  Even though you may have only 1 plugged in Windows still sees all of them available.

2) If you fail to install and want to try and reinstall then you need to get your SBS 2003 server ready to be migrated.  In our case we followed two articles that helped us get that server ready.  Once all steps were followed, and only 1 NIC was enabled on the BIOS were we able to successfully install without any failures.
Try renaming the following file, configuring the POP3 connector again and restarting the service.

\program files\Windows small business server\data\pop3records.dat
At the end of this article you have the procedure to uninstall pop3 connector:
Free Tool: ZipGrep

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C. Crane Company Inc.Author Commented:
I did. Renamed it, removed it and still the same error window.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the pop3 connectorm which does have the instructions to delete this .dat file.
Try to rerun Internet Address Management Wizard (IAMW). Maybe it could help.
In this article is mentioned pop3connector.exe which can be used for diagnostics. Sorry, I have never used it as I prefer not to use POP3 connector as it frequently causes troubles.

C. Crane Company Inc.Author Commented:
That is the problem.  When I click the "View Pop3 Connector properties" it gives me the error window and I cannot configure it.  I have ran the IAMW multiple times without much succes.  At this point (after about 2 weeks of reinstalls) we are wondering if it is even worth migrating our SBS 2003 server.
Migration is  a strange period of time and frequently something is not working as it should be.
Before starting digging in registry maybe you can try to run best practice analyzer for SBS 2008 and exchange 2007 server. Maybe it will show what bothers the server.
In what part of migration are you and what procedure are you using? Are both exchange servers already in the same organization and have you moved some mailboxes to new server?
How many network cards you have in your new server?
Sometimes administrators forgets that on windows 2008 server everything should bu run in" run-as administrator" mode, even if you actually are logged on with administrator account. Do you have at least one mailbox on your new server?
C. Crane Company Inc.Author Commented:
After two weeks of installs/reinstalls we finally got our POP3 to work.  Not sure what did it but we literally installed SBS 2008 at least 15 times.
What counts is that everything is working OK. Thanks for feedback.
C. Crane Company Inc.Author Commented:
These were the steps followed to get a successful installation after an initial failure, not sure what caused the initial failure in the first place.
I had asked you how many network cards you have in your new server.
And also to run SBS 2008 BPA - it would tell you, that you have two network cards and that it is unsupported configuration in SBS 2008.
I have told you... ;)
and do not even think about network teaming (trunking)

I'm glad the mystery is revealed.
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