setup Exchange server

Our company has a server that we just use for hosting our accounting files. We want to bring our mail in house and add an Exchange server. We will have 100 users.

What software and licensing do we need?
How powerful of a server do we need? Any recommendations?

Since our old server is old, should we consider adding our accounting files on this box and only have one server?

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R--RConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this this may help you.

Also the cals can be per user or per device.

Per device will be better if multiple people is going to share the desktop.
Also nee to purchase windows 2008 r2 enterprize to use of DAG if required in exchange 2010.
For 100 users I would suggest a dedicated server. I would go with a single quad core processor in a Dell PowerEdge R710 or 510. I would get 2 10-15K drives for the Windows OS and Exchange log files. Then 3+ drives for the database, depending on your requirements.

You will need a Exchange 2010 standard license and a mailbox CAL for each physical person (not mailbox).

You should also consider what spam filtering will be used and possibly AV for the server if it is not provided by the spam filtering company.

I would suggest that you install this all on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, you will also need a Windows user CAL for each person.
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