Need 2 different Citrix apps to coexist on my netbook

I am trying to set up my netbook so that I can use some of my work software that I presently use on my regular laptop.   On my laptop, I am able to have both Citrix products installed and working independent of one another.  

I already had the ICA client running on the netbook, but when I went to install XenAppHosted.msi (received from my employer), I received the error message:

At least one client component is already in use.  Before running Setup, please exit any of the following programs that may be running.

Program Neighborhood
Citrix XenApp Plugin
Program Neighborhood Connectin Center
Remote Application Manager.

I followed the instructions from a website that explained how to remove the ICA client, including deletion of folders and changes to two different registry entries.   That worked and I was sucessful in getting XenAppHosted.msi to install and it worked flawlessly.   However, for other business applications, I still needed to have the ICA Client back, so I went to the website that explains how to install it,, which was effectively just clicking on a link and then it installed.  That program ran fine as well, however it uninstalled the XenAppHosted.msi app in the process!

How is it that this has not happened on my regular laptop?  I know that everyone else in my company uses both apps with them coexisting and even running simultaneously.
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
there are problems with the 2 clients.
the first client are the XenAppHosted "Admin-only" client you installed manualy.
the second client are the webclient. This client are the same like Cleint1 without some features.
If you installed the first client it is not nessesary to install the second.
you cal select "allready installed".
the problems occurs because the client detection dont find your client or has a little newer version aviable.
sometimes it helps to add the website to the trusted zone - the client detection can see your installed client (mostly)
snkama95Author Commented:

I had no option with either one of these clients on my primary laptop that I use for work.  Both clients are required by the respective software providers/manufacturers, but they both seem to function fine.  I can start up either one and while it is running, i can still go ahead and start my other work related apps with the Citrix clients.   I am not given a choice.

However, when I recently had new company software installed onto my laptop by the remote IT department, they left behind the xenapphosted.msi file on my desktop.   Being somewhat of a quick learner,  I simply took that app and moved it onto my netbook so that I could use the netbook for work purposes as well.

They simply will not install the same on the netbook as they did on the laptop.

I have all but given up on the idea at that point.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
booth clients are nearly the same. But the xenApp Hosted has an additional GUI (the icon near the clock).
With installed XenAppHosted you also can run the web-apps.
But the (possible newer) XenAppWEB Installer agressively uninstalls the ...Hosted Version.
.. dont install the web version if you already the Hosted version has installed.

If you install the Hosted-Client you can select the features to install and also some configurations.

What are the differences beetwen the netbook and your laptop?
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snkama95Author Commented:
I wish that I knew, otherwise I would try to copy them exactly.   The problem for me is that the XenAppHosted is provided by my employer and they dictate the settings.   The Client ICA app only shows up when I have to go into the other third party program and that website in turn starts up the ICA client.   I am not even provided with the settings and they appear to be proprietary.

You're right about the installation, one removes the other, which makes no sense to me because they get along fine on my regular laptop.   Perhaps it is the windows version.  This laptop that I am on right now is running Win 7 Pro and the netbook is running Windows Home Premium.  Would that cause any difference?
snkama95Author Commented:
I am closing this question as I am no longer in need of the Citrix application.

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snkama95Author Commented:
Issue was resolved due to discontinuance of need for citrix app.
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