Converting Access Query to XML and sending to Web Server

I need to convert an access query named “ucrdata” to an xml file and then send it to a web server. The query’s parameter value will be the form’s record number from which the code will be called. (Command Button).

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RemRemRemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the button click event, include:

application.ExportXML(acExportQuery, "<query name being exported>","<filename for XML output>","<filename for schema>")

There are more options available on an ExportXML command (and that last schema one is optional if you don't need it).

Just make sure your ucrdata query has the criteria that filters it to the record value on the form. Essentially:

Forms!<formname>!<recordnumber field name>

mickeyshelley1Author Commented:
Thank you
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